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Apr 13, 2001
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I only have the 10 films in separate 2 disc versions (one disc for film, one for extras), and I was wondering for any of you who have the films on blu ray are the extras from those 2 disc DVD discs in there like the making of, commentary tracks, and the 'trivia tracks'?
All of those features are in the blu-ray set, so yes. In fact, there are some added ones I suppose.
I haven't bought any of the Trek movies on blu ray, (just have them on dvd) because I'm waiting for the "director's cuts" to be released instead. You hear me Paramount!! :cmad: :o
All the films have just been released on blu ray for individual purchase.
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I just got the 6 film set on blu for 27 bucks used at a game/movie store out of town epic score time. now I just need to get the 4 TNG film set to complete the series :).
Actually I am a tad disappointed with the blu ray versions of the films. for one the movies are the theater cut (no directors edition for TMP which I LOVED cause of the seamless use of CG to finish the movie the way Wise wanted), and the other poster said that all the stuff from the past versions are in the blu rays, not true, the trivia tracks done by the Okudas are not present on the blu rays (one of my fave things about the 2 disc DVD versions). I DO like the quality of the picture and sound of the films, and the stuff they added as bonus stuff is nice, and the 7th disc with a round table discussion with Shatner, and crew is great. I am glad I only paid 27 bucks for this I just wish the movies had the same extras of the DVDs that I was gonna get rid of once I got the blu rays.

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