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Jun 16, 2004
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With 12 new episodes, telling us 3 new stories, what better time then to rank the stories? Especially after I have just watched the 125 episodes that have been released so far. Obviously, this list we be edited as we go along. Can you tell I am excited? I am a bit excited.

Order 66’d
53. Padme and Ahsoka on Mandalore (Corruption and The Academy)
52. Senate Murders (Pursuit of Peace and Senate Murders)
51. Sphere of Influence
50. Bounty Hunters
49. Heroes on Both Sides
48. Mon Cala (Water War, Gungan Attack, and Prisoners)
47. Onderon (A War on Two Fronts, Front Runners, The Soft War, and Tipping Points)
46. The Blue Shadow Virus (Blue Shadow Virus and Mystery of a Thousand Moons)

A New Hope
45. The Deserter (Grievous Intrigue and The Deserter)
44. Supply Lines
43. Assassin
42. Senate Spy
41. Cloak of Darkness
40. Christophsis (Cat and Mouse, The Hidden Enemy and The New Padawan)
39. The Zillo Beast (The Zillo Beast and The Zillo Beast Strikes Back)
38. A Friend in Need
37. Stinky’s Shadow (Castle of Deception, Castle of Doom, and Castle of Salvation)
36. R2 Lost (Downfall of a Droid and Duel of the Droids)
35. Malevolence (Rising Malevolence, Shadow of Malevolence and Destroy Malevolence)
34. Lightsaber Lost
33. Jedi Crash (Jedi Crash and Defenders of Peace)
32. Bombad Jedi
31. Ziro the Hutt (Evil Plans, Hostage Crisis and Hunt for Ziro)
30. The Box (Deception, Friends and Enemies, The Box, and Crisis on Naboo)
29. The Rise and Fall of Clovis (An Old Friend, The Rise of Clovis, and Crisis at the Heart)
28. Lair of Grievous
27. Trespass
26. Boba’s Revenge (Death Trap, R2 Come Home, and Lethal Trackdown)

Jedi Knight
25. Artoo and Threepio (Mercy Mission and Nomad Droids)
24. Padawan Lost (Padawan Lost, and Wookie Hunt)
23. Return to Geonosis (Landing at Point Rain, Weapons Factory, Legacy of Terror, and Brain Invaders)
22. Ambush
21. The Holocron Heist (Holocron Heist, Cargo of Doom, and Children of the Force)
20. The Gungan General (Dooku Captured and The Gungan General)
19. The Liberation of Ryloth (Storm Over Ryloth, Innocents of Ryloth, and Liberty on Ryloth)
18. The Holocron Heist (Holocron Heist, Cargo of Doom, and Children of the Force)
18. The Lost One
17. Shadow Warrior
16. The Citadel (The Citadel, Counter Attack, and Citadel Rescue)
15. The Disappeared (The Disappeared Part I and The Disappeared Part II)
14. The Duchess of Mandalore (The Mandalore Plot, Voyage of Temptation, and Duchess of Mandalore)
13. D-Squad (Secret Weapons A Sunny Day in the Void, Missing in Action, and Point of No Return)
12. Krell (Darkness of Umbara, The General, Plan of Dissent, and Carnage of Krell
11. Ventress (Massacre and Bounty)
10. The Return of Maul (Brothers and Revenge)
9. Domino Squad (Clone Cadets, Rookies, and ARC Troopers)

One with the Force
8. Slaves of the Republic (Kidnapped, Slaves of the Republic, and Escape from Kadavo)
7. The Nightsisters (Nightsisters, Monster, and Witches of the Mist)
6. Mortis (Overlords, Altar of Mortis and Ghost of Mortis)
5. A Jedi Lost (Sabotage, The Jedi Who Knew Too Much, To Catch a Jedi, and The Wrong Jedi)
4. The Younglings (The Gathering, A Test of Strength, Bound for Rescue, and A Necessary Bond)
3. Order 66 (The Unknown, Conspiracy, Fugitive, and Orders)
2. The Revenge of Maul (Revival, Eminence, Shades of Reason, and The Lawless)
1. Yoda and the Force (Voices, Destiny, and Sacrifice)
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51. Corruption on Mandalore: S3, E5-6
50. Peace Talks: S3, E10-11, S2, E15
49. Bounty Hunters: S2, E17
48. Sphere of Influence: S3, E4
47. The Rebels of Onderon: S5, E2-5
46. The Battle of Mon Cala: S4, E1-3
45. The Blue Shadow Virus: S1, E17-18
44. Senate Spy: S2, E4
43. Supply Lines: S3, E3
42. R2 Lost: S1, E6-7
41. The Missing Hutt: Movie, E2-4
40. D-Squad: S5, E10-13
39. The Deserter: S2, E10 (I'm cheating a little by splitting up this and Grevious Intrigue)
38. Jar Jar Binks and the Temple of Doom: S6, E8-9
37. A Friend In Need: S4, E14
36. The Zillo Beast: S2, E18-19
35. Corruption on Scipio: S6, E5-7
34. Shadow Warrior: S4, E4
33. The Misadventures of R2 and 3PO: S4, E5-6
32. The Malevolence Trilogy: S1, E2-4
31. Lightsaber Lost: S2, E11
30. Assassin: S3, E7
29. The Battle of Christophsis: S2, E16 - S1, E16 - Movie, E1
28. Jedi Crash: S1, E13-14
27. The Hunt for Ziro: S3, E8 - S1, E22 - S3, E9
26. Dooku Captured: S1, E11-12
25. Ambush: S1, E1
24. Trespass: S1, E15
23. The Hunt for Nute Gunray: S1, E8-10
22. Boba Fett's Revenge: S2, E20-22
21. The Lost One: S6, E10

Now the last 20 have gifs, so I'll put them under a tag to be courteous to mobile users:
20. Grevious Intrigue: S2, E9

19. Domino Squad: S3, E1 - S1, E5 - S3, E2

18. The Mandalore Plot: S2, E12-14

17. The Liberation of Ryloth: S1, E19-21

16. The Jedi Younglings: S5, E6-9

15. The Second Battle of Geonosis: S2, E5-8

14. The Nightsisters of Dathomir: S3, E12-14

13. Ghosts of Mortis: S3, E15-17

12. Obi-Wan Undercover: S4, E15-18

11. Slaves of the Republic: S4, E11-13

10. Padawan Lost: S3, E21-22

9. The Return of Maul, S4, E21-22 - S5, E1

8. Order 66: S6, E1-4

7. Yoda and the Force: S6, E11-13

6. The Citadel: S3, E18-20

5. The Holocron Heist: S2, E1-3

4. Massacre/Bounty: S4, E19-20

3. Mauldalore: S5, E14-16

2. The Carnage of Krell: S4, E7-10

1. The Jedi Who Knew Too Much: S5, E17-20

And now, onto Season 7.






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