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Star Wars: The Beginning


Aug 2, 2008
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I've now long believed that Star Wars did not three prequel movies and when they were made, they were simply disappointing and poorly done. It's been suggested the right way to tell the story of Anakin's fall could have been done in one three hour move, I agree. This summary is my version of it. Called it Star Wars: The Beginning the original name for The Phantom Menace. It feels more like a Greek drama or Shakespeare play given this format.

Twenty years before the Battle of Yavin. The Republic has been at war fighting a mysterious army of clones the origin of which is unknown. They are clones of an ancient warrior race that was once a rival for power in the Galaxy by the Jedi and the Republic eons ago and suddenly have made a return. The Jedi Knights lead the assault with a volunteer army and have mostly been successful in ending the war. General Obi-Wan Kenobi and his Jedi apprentice Anakin Skywalker lead the assault on a volcanic planet named Hal Volcanus. Ben Kenobi leads the assault from the ground and Anakin from space and air. They defeat the forces harvesting a red crystal that can amplify the powers of the Force caused the Kaiber crystal which had been stolen by the clones during an earlier raid. The crystal is secure and to be brought back to Galactic City, the capital of the Republic. But the mega volcano on the surface of this planet starts to erupt and catches Anakin's fighter in the blast. The rest of the fleet has to evacuate into space before it's too late.

General Kenobi's fleet returns to Galactic City amongst a planet wide celebration because this battle means the essential end to the war. Ben wants to go off on his own and continue the search to see if Anakin is still alive, but is not allowed by the grateful citizens of the planet. Meanwhile, the charred, but alive body of Anakin is pulled from the molten pit by special forces of the Republic and he is greeted by a cloaked figure who offers to save him if he agrees to be put into the black armored suit we know Darth Vader wears. In agonizing pain, Anakin reluctantly agrees to the transformation.

The celebrations in Galactic City start to draw to a close and Ben contacts the elders at the Force temple on the Jedi home world of Had Abbadon to recruit help in a search party to help find Anakin, he gets no assistance as the Jedi are all exhausted and seek to rest. So he calls to his old friend King Bail Organa of Alderaan to return to the planet and to mount a search for his body. They unite and board the Tantive IV to make the trip. With him is Anakin's wife Lady Arcadia who is pregnant and been waiting for Anakin to return from war for many months and to surprise him with the news. She is not to be told the news of what has happened and is instead sent to her quarters on Galactic City by Bail under the guise of important government business at the sudden end of the war. The two meanwhile keep scanning the surface to find any remnants of Anakin.

Lady Arcadia returns to Galactic City amongst getting to business following the end of the war and meets with the Senate in heavy session. Suddenly emerges from the chamber forces from the Clone army who take them hostage and the President of the Senate named Palpatine comes center stage and demands the Senate vote to make him leader for life or face destruction. Lady Arcadia though is imprisoned in her quarters personally as this happens. Meanwhile as Bail and Ben continue their survey, Kenobi feels the horrific deaths of hundreds of Jedi Knights who are across the Galaxy as they are being hunted down by a mysterious dark cloaked assassin. Word then reaches Bail's ship that there has been an attempted cou in Galactic City and the Senate is being held hostage. Ben and Bail agree to turn around to mount a rescue mission to see what they can do.

The Jedi Knights send their forces to infiltrate the clone blockade and are defeated by a mysterious cloaked assassin with incredible Force powers that defeats every single one of them before they can reach the Senate. Bail manages to quietly break the blockade and go to the quarters of Lady Arcadia where she is being held under armed guard to be rescued. Seeing as they are gravely outnumbered by the clone forces surrounding them and that Lady Arcadia is pregnant with the offspring of one of the most prominent warriors of the Clone War, they decide to simply out run the blockade and secretly head to the Jedi home world of Had Abbadon which is largely unknown to anyone in the Galaxy, even the Senate itself. They are chased by Star Destroyers as they escape, but manage to break into hyperspace.

They arrive on the Force world of the Jedi and rendezvous at the temple to meet with the elders in an emergency session. It is revealed that massive numbers of clone forces have suddenly started appearing across the Galaxy with an untold enormous sized fleet. The peace of the situation is however broken when some of these forces appear over the planet and begin launching an assault. Ben and Bail agree to make a defense while Lady Arcadia is evacuated into the jungle and enters into deep labor. Ben finally comes across the dark figure who has been killing Jedi and whom he thinks must have also killed Anakin to actually be his own apprentice to have joined the Dark Side. He is broken by this, but manages to defeat Anakin nevertheless and escape with Lady Arcadia. This clones have a surprise for the Jedi before they can escape, an orbital super laser capable of destroying an entire chunk of a planet. It is used and most of the Galaxy's Jedi are destroyed in the attack.

Ben and Bail flee aboard the Tantive IV to Alderaan where Lady Arcadia gives birth in secret inside of Bail's palace to twins. She has been reradiated during the attack among many other injuries has sustained. She dubs them Luke and Leia and the group determines that the twins must be split up in order to protect them from the newly decreed Empire. Leia will remain in the care of Bail as his adopted daughter and Lady Arcadia will remain there in his medical care disguised as a servant along as she can. Luke on the other hand is to be taken with Ben to go into hiding on an Outer Rim planet. Ben in fact is from Tatooine where he was raised on a moisture farm with his younger brother Owen and takes him there to be raised by him and his wife. Ben himself however goes into hiding at a nearby hut to watch over the child until the time to reunite them is right.

Meanwhile at the Presidential palace on Galactic City, Darth Vader returns to report the newly named Emperor on his success. The Emperor congratulates him and introduces him to his new council of grand moffs who obviously helped him conspire to destroy the Jedi Knights and gain power as they begin discussing their new Imperial agenda. A hologram appears showing the prototype for a new army of humanoid storm troopers to replace his clones which have an expiration date. The Emperor is revealed to be one of the long lost Mandolorians that survived the destruction by the Jedi Knights and seeks his revenge. With the Kaiber crystal recovered to power his new imperial star fleet and Darth Vader to enforce the agenda he will soon begin enslaving humans into the ranks of storm troopers because it was their worlds that pushed for the war that destroyed the Mandolorian Empire. The period of rebuilding and Imperial expansion has begun.

Lady Arcadia will eventually three to four years after the events of this episode and Darth Vader will continue to hunt down the Jedi Knights in the Galaxy for the Empire.
Once again I'm updating the story so that this version can serve as one prequel film and then make the novelization of Return of the Jedi relevant as it was before 1999. The differences here that while the Jedi Knights are guardians of peace and justice in the Old Republic, they are not a formal order that directly serves the Senate and polices the Galaxy instead they are a religious order who are legendary among the Galaxy and work behind the scenes to keep order and intervene in battle only when necessary. The Clone Wars are one example of this when untold legions of clone monsters came in a giant armada to invade the Republic and ravage it. No one in the Galaxy really knows where the came from and why, or if there are more out there that could strike in the future. It keeps the Republic in constant fear and paranoia with a military on constant alert for any possible sign of another invasion.

21 years before the events of A New Hope. The Galaxy lies in a state of despair after decades of fighting during the Clone Wars. However the war is at an end with the sudden promises of the recently elected President of the Senate Palpatine. However despite his promises to reduce the seize of the military build up in the Galactic Starfleet, restore the constitution, and end martial law within the Republic, he has done the opposite by instead enlarging the size of he army and appointing members of large arms manufacturers to high office and former leaders of the military all without necessary approval of the Senate because of the suspension of the Constitution.

Meanwhile to escape the tension of the war former General Ben "Obi-Wan" Kenobi has taken his Jedi apprentices Anakin Skywalker and Blake Whitesun to the volcanic world of Hal Volcanus for training in an unusual environment. Ben believes he has come full circle and been able to train his students as well as Yoda his former master. Anakin and Blake are among many dozens he has trained over the years. Both boys are in their mid-20s and former pilots from the Clone Wars. Anakin doesn't think they are ready for the training while Blake does and they disagree on the point. While trying to balance the Force, several Star Fleet ships and a Star Destroyer appear overhead to disperse a legion of Stormtroopers who begin to chase them down in ships and walkers. Blake is gunned down by several and dies in Anakin's arms who is right behind him. This enrages Skywalker in great pain and he gives into his rage to strike the stormtroopers down and embraces the Dark Side at the same time. General Kenobi is pinned down by a group and then rescued through the rage of Anakin who is still battling to relinquish full control of his mind to the Dark Side. However despite the encouragement of Ben to resist it he gives in and then persists to act out his anger over Blake's death, being unprepared for the fighting, and then coming to such a hazardous planet in the first place and prepares to strike down his own master. Ben and Anakin duel over a volcanic eruption and then during the fighting Ben accidentally knocks his remaining student into a molten pit where he hits his head and then disappears. His blue lightsaber falls above as he vanishes. Unable to sense Anakin and unable to stay because of the erupting volcano, Ben enters his fighter with the body of Blake and then retreats into space.

Shocked that he was ambushed by stormtroopers from a legion he used to command and knowing that he is still in danger, Ben makes contact with the King of Alderaan System, Bail Organa to where he can hide next. He takes his ship to the palace of King Bail and then unloads the body of Blake onto it to have a brief funeral on a pry where he is burned and cremated. Afterwards Ben tries to make contact with other Jedi Knights on other worlds, but is unable to reach anyone. He has a strong feeling in the Force that this ambush is not only being experienced by him. This is confirmed when Anakin's wife Lady Arcadia Skywalker, the senator of Alderaan arrives in her ship back on the planet having fled the capital of the Republic, Galactic City where she witnesses several Jedi Knights being gunned down by stormtroopers in cold blood. Anakin and Obi-Wan have been away for several months during training and in such time she has become pregnant with his child and now fears for her life because it is the offspring of a Jedi. Obi-Wan to senses the arrival of an entity strong in the Dark Side of the Force and witnesses visions of multiple Jedi Knights being hunted down and slaughtered by a dark figure aided with stormtroopers in some situations. The arrival of a Star Destroyer overhead prompts Obi-Wan and Lady Arcadia to go into hiding in chambers built underneath the palace. Stormtroopers begin a forced inspection of the palace in search of Kenobi's location with the thought Bail might be helping him hide. However Ben and Arcadia manage to sneak their way to one of Bail's ships with their trickery and break the blockade of Star Destroyers above the planet. They enter hyperspace intent on the homeworld of the Jedi Knights, Had Abbadon.

The pair arrives on the Jedi planet where thousands of knights and their apprentices have gone to go into hiding among the raid. This is a lush tropical jungle planet in the Unknown regions of the galaxy where the borders of the Republic do not touch. Among the discussion it is learned by sources close to the Jedi Elders that President Palpatine is to have announced an emergency meeting in the Senate that may or may not be related to the string of killings. Obi-Wan joins other Jedi masters making plans at the ready to evacuate those hidden there to other parts of the Galaxy where they can hide further from the encroaching Republic forces. But suddenly several Star Destroyers with support ships drop down on the planet below and then begin to open fire on the evacuating Jedi. A huge battle erupts through the jungle and the temple. Ben gets Lady Arcadia to shelter away from the battle and then prepares to defend it from the raid. Suddenly the familiar breathing and black cyborg mask of Darth Vader appears and is eager to duel Kenobi. Ben senses it is indeed Anakin under the mask and realizes that he survived the fall on Hal Volcanus, but was burned alive. Vader reveals he was rescued by agents of the Galactic Star Fleet and brought back to a laboratory to be saved. They military offered to heal him and give him great wealth and power if he joined their side and helped destroy the Jedi. Still under the influence of the Dark Side, he gladly did so and began to hunt down Jedi Knights and led them to Had Abbadon where he suspected many of them would flee to. Ben manages to defeat Vader in a duel with a trick of the Force and then retreats to the where Lady Arcadia is. Due to the fighting Lady Arcadia has gone into early labor. Ben manages to load her onto a ship and then escape the lost battle. Several Jedi ships escape into hyperspace, while a prototype super laser to the Death Star appears and then fires upon Had Abbadon and then kills the remaining Knights and stormtroopers likewise to cover up the mass crime that has been committed. Darth Vader of course manages to escape alive aboard his new fighter.

Obi-Wan takes Lady Arcadia to Bail's ship where she gives birth to Skywalker twins, Luke and Leia. Overheard is Palpatine's emergency address to the Republic where he declares himself Emperor for life in the wake of needing more time to rebuild the Galaxy after the destruction of war. The Galactic Empire is born.

King Bail agrees to take Lady Arcadia into his palace and disguise her a maidservant with Leia to serve as his new princess. Ben takes Luke who he seeks to be trained as a Jedi Knight to the home of own his younger brother Owen on Tatooine where he can go into exile and watch over the child. It is agreed and the both part ways until the time is right.
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^Thank you. Hardly anyone ever writes any version of feedback at all in these fan fiction threads.
Interesting ideas. However, the problem with the films, for me, were less the general story, but the terrible dialogue and execution of the film. Lucas has always been a great idea man, but the only reason star wars turned out well originally was because of the constraints of real filmmaking. With digital, he forgot about the soul of a film, and just worried about getting **** up on the screen. This ruined two key things: the performances and the tangibility of the world. Star wars has always had bad dialogue, but the actors were able to make them great and believable in the originals. But I digress.

I still think its key for any origin of Anakin to build his story before he is a Jedi for it to be a really interesting origin. Nice work on your story, though like mentioned, it seems like there's enough content here to make it a trilogy of its own, haha
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