Ra's Al Ghul gurus, I need your help finding these issues


Aug 16, 2012
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I really need some Ra's Al Ghul fans to help me finding these two issues.

1. The issue where it was revealed that Ra's Al Ghul is the leader of League Of Assasins.

2. In his first appearance (I think), Ra's Al Ghul tested Batman, after which he offered his daughter's hand.
So where can I find second part of this story?
DC comics had this weird method back in early 70s, that multi-part story wouldn't continue in next issue, but only a few issues after.
I can't find this story, so I need help. (of course, Batman rejects, but I still want to read it).

Any help would be appreciated.
First Ra's appearances:

Batman #232 (June 1971): "Daughter of the Demon"
Batman #235 (September 1971): "Swamp Sinister"
Batman #240 (March 1972): "Vengeance for a Dead Man"
Batman #243 (August 1972): "The Lazarus Pit"
Batman #244 (September 1972): "The Demon Lives Again"

Talia appears before, the League of Assassins is also mentioned before.
I already said that I read his first appearance story, but I will elaborate more....

I've read Batman #232. It was ''to be continued'' story, but Batman #235 jumps to another Ra's Al Ghul story completely without almost mentioning what happened in #232.
No mention of Ra's Al Ghul's proposal to Batman whatsoever.

And does anyone know the issue where Ras Al Ghul ''WAS REVEALED'' as leader of League of Assasins?
I don't think the story in Batman 232 was "to be continued" so much as the saga of Batman and Ra's/Talia was "to be continued". Ra's really doesn't show up again until 235, and his "proposal" was left standing for years, it wasn't supposed to be resolved in the next issue. As for his leadership of the League of Assassins, that might be a little confusing. Its revealed that Ra's controls the Brotherhood of the Demon right away, but I think Detective 485 might be the first time his leadership of the League of Assassins (or rather his desire to take full control away from The Sensei) is mentioned. It seems over time the League of Assassins and the Brotherhood of the Demon have sort of been merged into one entity, though I don't think that was the case from the get-go. Maybe someone with a bit more knowledge of The Sensei and the League of Assassins can shed some light on that.

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