Resurrection of Ra's Al Ghul: the effects of Bats' dip in the 'fountain of youth'

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May 10, 2005
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Before I start I just need to say that I dropped out of Batman comics -- comics in general that is -- about a year ago. I felt the storylines were being recycled and big events like Hush resolved with clumsy duex ex machina plot 'twists'. I had to chose between being able eat and heat my home or to continue buying comics that I no longer really enjoyed.. so I chose to put my lifelong hobby on hold.

I've been lurking around these boards, mainly for info on the upcoming Batman and Iron Man films, and I've read some interesting bits and pieces about the current comics, including a recent dip in some kind of Fountain of Youth during the Resurrection of Ra's Al Ghul storyline...

With all the rumours around 'Countdown/New Gods/Killing off Batman', have the effects and implications of this dip in the Fountain of Youth been explored on panel?

For example, whilst he recovered sufficiently from his broken back to return as Batman, does this mean Bruce is completely healed, as if that injury never happened?

Has Batman been de-aged / powered up?

And what do you think this means for DC's wider plans for the character?
(cos from my admittedly limited viewpoint, it isn't looking good!)
The thread title would be a spoiler to anyone who didn't pick up the crossover. :down
Maybe that 'dip' will tie into his new role in CRISIS.
DC is just waiting to blow up their universe with Final Crisis, aren't they?
lol@ the title of this thread sounding like another horrible Batman and Robin gay innuendo...
Slash ficcers, break out the paper and pen...:woot:

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