Rebecca Romijn on Late Show with David Letterman


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Apr 5, 2006
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Quick reminder. Rebecca Romijn will be a guest tonight on the Late Show with David Letterman. Obviously she will talk about X-Men 3 and most likely show a clip, Probably a clip we already seen, But who knows, Anyways, The show will air tonight at 11:35pm Eastern time on CBS.
Heh, I'm surprised no one hasnt responded about this.
I cant watch it.... Ah well. WIth the few scenes she is probably in I wouldn't want to spoil myself with another one..
Regardless, I still want to hear what she has to stay about the movie. :)
TigerClaw said:
Acording to my Tivo, Shes supposed to be on tonight, And it says right here also.
better be on......or its your head!:ghost:

Letterman saw the film. He said there was "stuff flying everywhere" heh
Yeah...I'm talking about that in the "Talk Show Appearances" thread..

Rebecca's the perfect woman...She's so hot and funny...

what i dont get is, if its Rebecca Romijn being interviewed y did they shown a click of Jean and Wolverine. and not of Mystique...?
I haven't seen a clip yet...(since she's been on anyway)

They are talking about dog meat tacos. And lollypop faces. :confused:
ooo i thought that when some of u were talking about the Jean and Wolverin part in the other thread, i thought that was the clip from Letterman
No we were talking about the TV spot you said you saw.
XCharlieX said:
thats why they call it a talk show :D

Forget the rattle snake, did she scream when the trouser snake appeared?

X-Clip to come!
*In Jack Bauer voice* Dammit I've seen this one already.

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