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Sequels Reign Of The Supermen!


Apr 9, 2006
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A mock up of what a "Reign Of the Supermen" Cast would look like.

What do you think?


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That's looks good except for one thing......Superboy. It looks nice but needs some workd done on it. As for the others.........right on the money. Doomsday looks great. Looks sort of like the comic book. On the cyborg, did you use the terminator robot for the left side of Brandon Routh's face. Looks good. The S on the Cyborg's right side (our left) needs to be a little darker though but it looks nice. You got some genius in that brain of yours.

I appreciate any and all constructive criticism on my work, but I have to say I am pretty proud of that Superboy.
I had to create him almost from scratch, all I had was Stephen Bender's head. I took the whole chest from a Superman, the coat was taken from a Halloween costume model, and it was WAY too small, I had to recreate all the detail and darken it myself. The glasses of course are hand drawn and while I don't really like then I needed to do something to give him edge, he just looked too sweet and innocent.
The biggest problem is this... I created each image separately and then put then together. However while saving the Superboy image my power went out and being only half saved it got corrupted. I no longer have a master and so any work I do has to be on the main picture. It's still possible but more hassle then it's really worth.

Yes the Cyborg is terminator parts, even the chest. Steel has a hand drawn cape and I was quite happy with how the \S/ turned out, it is more or less the first shield that was released.. You know, the silver one? I repainted it and added the Bolts.

Any way, I am glad you liked the picture and it is very kind of you to compliment me so.

Have you seen my other pictures? I have a large Collection of Routh as many different heroes.
how did you do the horns on Doomsday, and how did you "draw" the capes? I have photoshop, so please dont just say "i did it in photoshop".
Okay, First I should point out that I use a program called "Gimp" not Photoshop, although as I understand it they are quite similar.

The horns were all hand drawn and hand shaded. I simply drew a shape I liked, quick and simple, the cleaned up the edges, I tend to make details like this as a seperate layer first to I can add or change as much as I like. So I the added bits of birghter white, and verious grey shades until I came up with a design I liked, Then I took that layer and copied it, if you look close there are only a handfull of different horn types. For instance look closely a the elbow horns... All four are the same one copied over and over.

As for the cape, you cannot see it in that picture but look at this one...


If you will notice, the cape part that flows behind him is a real one that I cut from Superman. What I did was selected the whole body with a free select tool. And created a new layer with just him on top of the picture. The I put the cape in behind him, between the layers. I merged them back together and PRESTO! he is wearing the cape and it apears behind him....
Shading is the most important thing, the light source will make or break a picture, this goues double for the horns. they looked horrible until I added shadows. It took a long time but it was worth it.

Anyway, back to the cape. What I did to draw the shoulder part was simply take color samples from the other parts of the cape, and then I drew(as a new layer) the whole thing, shade by shade, it only took a minute as I did it in broad strokes, just to get an idea, then I use the warp tool to bend the image until I was happy with the shape, I trimmed down all the edges until it looked about the right size, the I just did the touch ups, added, or took away, shaded the underparts a little more, I had to actually erase a whole chunk of it to allow for the hammer to show through.

On a side note.

The whole picture was colored blue, even his skin, so I had the task of bringing that back to normal, with the color tool, some burning, transparent shades... The skin was a nightmare.

So there you go! anything else?


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