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Revamping Elves; Motive for Craddlerobbery


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Jun 10, 2006
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Real-world folklore often presents elves as craddlerobbers: they steal human children and leave one of their own in the human child's place. I wanted to try to work out a new mythology for the elves in my setting*** and see if it is worth including them:

Elves: Humans that were abducted by Goblins. The Goblins have mutilated and brainwashed their victims to create an immaculate, ageless beauty. After the Goblins had created a sizeable amount of Elves for trade with the continents Norskavia, Savakref, and Kurg, the Elves staged a violent revolution that resulted in a united resistance of Elf and Tekund.

In the aftermath of the war, the Goblins returned to the mountains of the southern pole. The Elves remembered the Goblins’ lessons—that the Elves were nothing more than sex objects for the peoples of Norskavia and the other continents. The Elves initially took to abducting the offspring of every sapient race, raising the children, and then turning them into Elves.

The Elf-Evojur conflict was initiated when a devout Evojur was left without a wide range of fresh corpses to practice her necromancy. In the aftermath, the majority of the Elves decided to relegate their cradle-snatching to humankind. Those that continued taking Evojur, Sahuagin, and Vaik offspring were forced to flee Norskavia. The outcast Elves settled on Savakref and Kurg.

Elven scripture promotes the belief in a righteous deity—Mojaruk—that led the Elves to rise up against their Goblin molders. Whereas Goblins carried out the surgeries and brainwashing that gave the Elves their fey appearance and their mindset of subservience, Mojaruk created Elves by giving the folk a purpose-driven life of exacting revenge against humankind.

When an Elf passes away, it is custom for the Elf’s mates to use the skin and bones for clothing. The flesh, viscera, and brain are bound to fungi bartered from the Kijustaak. This fungus comes from tunnels near what is rumored to be the resting grove of Ruturith, one of the Elder Sarkaidrun.

The Elves allow the fungi to grow up around the flesh, viscera, and brain. At the end of the growing period, the Elves cultivate the mass of flesh and fungus into a hound-shape. The ensuing myconihounds provide a source of companionship and assist the Elves in their hunting excursions. A few of the neurons are bound within stones that the Elves call medukore. The medukore serve as storehouses of the neurons’ action potentials; these stones allow the Elves to reanimate a body. Embedding the medukore within a corpse allows the stone’s bound action potentials to reactivate the corpse’s organs and physiological processes.

Thoughts or comments?

***My setting didn't originally include Elves or Goblins; a friend asked that I reimagine the elves and goblins that seem commonplace in the fantasy genre.
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