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Ride Along - Kevin Hart and Ice Cube


C'mon Son
Oct 29, 2008
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Looks okay. Im a big Kevin Hart fan, but he needs to tone down the "spazziness" of his performances he's been doing. It did work really well in Think Like a Man though
Lmao looks really funny. Favorite parts were, "You're white! You're white! You don't fight...", the look on Kevin Hart's face when he looked at the crack in the glass, and how Kevin flew back from the shotgun followed by his reaction. I'm gonna see it.

I do agree that he does spaz out a lot. All of his characters do. Getting kind of stale but he's still hilarious.

Edit: Okay, checking back and that "You want the hammer?" part was funny too. I died when he crashed and fell.
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This could be pretty funny. I'm interested in it for sure.
I like Cube and Hart, trailer looks ok, but my gut tells me that 9min Coco bit will turn out to be funnier than the entire film. I wish Hart the best though. He is a great comedic presence.
Gamera VS. Gaos. " Isn't this how Aecschylus died?" God bless you Joel Hodgson.

I like Hart because he's relatable and self deprecating in his humor.
hopefully it will be a big hit movie. and Mr. hart can stop with all of the i'm short-and-short-tempered-but-lovable routine..
hopefully it will be a big hit movie. and Mr. hart can stop with all of the i'm short-and-short-tempered-but-lovable routine..

That's kinda was sells his schtick in the first place isn't it?
I agree... He does have to show a little more range. I think it looks underwhelming but the ads for that Deniro/Stallone movie do show him in a less manic light.
The sequel was in the works after they wrapped filming on Ride Along... so they were prepared. If a movie is successful in Hollywood, they're going to make a sequel or find a way to make it happen.
Saw this the other day, it was okay, but its impact was lessened a lot by all of the swear words being dubbed out because it was on a flight.

It was a mediocre movie.

I hope Kevin Hart doesnt over saturate himself he's been in a bunch of movies and 2 seasons of a tv show within the last 2 years and in most of them he's playing the exact same spastic short guy. And while it's funny some times it's getting old.

It's nicer when he doesnt do that like in About Last Night. Im still a fan of Kevin Hart's and I still laugh and the spastic routine, but if he keeps pumping out TV shows and movies like he's been doing he'll burn out quick
Olivia Munn and Ken Jeong have signed on for the sequel.

Jeong and Hart do have some connections, although I think this will be the first time they have worked together.
Kevin Hart is hilarious , but I didn't find myself laughing that much during this film. I actually enjoyed About Last Night a lot more than this. Ice Cube can also be really enjoyable. However the film kind of failed them and a sequel doesn't excite me.
It was the opposite for me I liked Ride Along better than About Last Night. It was actually funnier than I expected I thought it was gonna be another movie with watered down comedy.

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