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Dec 10, 2005
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Hi all, i have been posting in the SHH forums for not a very long time, but i find lots of interesting forums like the fan art one, where i´ve seen really great art pieces, like jeremy sorrel and more (really impressed), and as drawing is one of my great passions, i thought it would be great to share it with you all so you can tell me what you think about it, what would you change, like or dislike. Hope you have a good time with the pics.



here is the first pic, hope you can see it. What can i do so you can see the pics in the posts?
Now im workin in a "zombie" short movie as art director, and i´m really hard working now with the make up dept, so ill post some of the designs soon.Hope you like them.

its hard to giving constructive comments on styles that are rather exaggerated, but i like anything that shows robin getting damaged in someway.

The lines slightly confuse me though- the slight overlapping of them makes it seem out of focus.

I can't comment much more without seeing some other stuff- but keep it up.:)
did you use some kind of filter on the line art? i think you could do the picture more justice with crisp clean lines
Hmmmm its definately different. It gives some real dinamics to the picture. And i like how everything seems to be focusing on the point where robins head crashes into the matt hehehe
Hi again, ive been filming some stuff this week, and ive been very busy, so ive been missing the forums. Ive just scanned a picture of a new character ive created: Yuki-onna. She is asian, she is albin, and she lives in the streets alone. Ill tell you more about the character as i continue creating her storyline.

Hope you like the pic, and if someone wants to colour it, feel free to do it.

Thank you


more art coming soon.
An IMPULSE pic. i did a few weeks ago, hope you like it.


Hello, here you have an iron man design i did in 2005, tell me what do you think about it, and about the style. Its inspired in some way in the CRASH limited series, hope you like it.


Hi all,i just wanted to show you a work in progres, it has lots of little details, so i hope ill finish it someday. Let me know how it looks, and i hope you like it.


I wouldn't change a thing, this artwork is seriously kick ass.

Keep it coming!
Hello, here i have more artwork. This is a picture of the first character i created, i made this pic. while ago, but the essence of the character is there. Her name is B-girl, so let me know what do you think about it, and if you like the style and all. Im thinking of submiting some of my artwork to.....well, i dont know what i have to do to submit my work to marvel, dc or other comic company (im from Spain, and here theres not a lot of info about it). If you could help me....Thanks in advance.

lot of time since the last time i posted in the thread, but my job has kept me very VERY busy for the last two months. I didnt even had time for my own drawings, and as i am now on holydays(finally), ive started to work again with my stuff,and as always, i want your opinion, and i dont want my thread to die, jejejejeje, so ill start posting new stuff soon.

Thank you
here you have as promised, new stuff: an INCREDIBLE HULK!!! hope you like it. And as it is in black and white, fell free to colour it as i am not very good with photoshop.

Thank you

Here you have some more art. This a quick drawing i did few days ago in about twenty minutes. Its a friend of mine and i had to be very quick, so sorry if it isnt very good,but as always, let me know what you think, and what things do you think i can improve.

That looks great man:) You have a great style going. I love Hulk too:D
Cool work man really like your impulse pic it's awesome.
A quick sketch i did minutes ago after watching the Spiderman 3 teaser trailer.
It is GG2/Rocket Rider, what do you guys think?

Sorry for not posting art very often, but this last months have been caotic, hope to post lots of art soon.

Here is a superman ive done for this month contest, m not really good with photoshop, so i used color pencils (hope you like it), so tell me what do you think.


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