Roger Avary takes on Castle Wolfenstein

i really hope this is good. i've like the Wolfenstein games and thought it would always make for an awesome horror/action film.
It's got the potential, but Avery didn't do a bang up job on Silent Hill.
Silent Hill is probably the best Video Game adaption, so I have faith in this.
I agree Oberon. I loved Silent Hill. (Never played the games; I only know they're horror games and the film was a horror movie, not action scif-fi).
I echo Wooden and Oberon's sentiments. Avary did a great job with SH, but let's not forget that movie had great direction, too. Let's see how he does in this one as a director.
While Avary screwed up in that DUI car accident, I also can never dislike the man. In fact, I used to read his blogs back in the early 2000's, when blogging wasn't 'the thing' yet. He had so many stories and advices on the industry back then. I don't know if his blog is up or not, but it was awesome back then.

Also, I loved 'Rules of Attraction'. Extremely underrated.
Rules of Attraction was the Van Der Beek film? If so, it was great. And I think it's in the same universe with American Psycho, at least as far as the books are concerned.
Yeah. I remember Avary wanted Christian Bale back to do a cameo but he said no. Instead, Avary hired Zach from Saved by the Bell to play Patrick but that scene got cut.
Ah, nice. So they tried connecting the movies, too.
They tried to. Bale said no because he just didn't want to play that role again even if it's for one scene. I think back then, he was all about artistic integrity. Cough..Terminator Salvation.
Cough... Reign of Fire before TS.
Well, I think in the early 2000's he was trying to stay as indie as he can be, but he was running out of money. Hence why probably he did Reign of Fire, etc. Then Batman Begins gave more exposure and more opportunities.
True, true. He did say that before BB he was struggling.
dont forget equilibrium
I love Equilibrium, I think it's a f**kin' brilliant movie.
i like reign of fire due to mcconaughey and his growling lol
McConaughey was unrecognizable in that movie!

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