Saga Commander Cody....and his leg problem


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Aug 29, 2005
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Well, I know a few of you here collect SW figures, and so far the Holy Grail of the Saga line has been Commander Cody. I got him in the mail a few days ago from a fellow Scummer for a Shock Trooper. Anyway, Cody's legs.....suck. I don't really "get" what Hasbro was thinking here. He's an SA clone.....accept for his ankels. They don't move, so you have to keep him in a "crouched" pose which makes it hard for him to stand on his own.

Anyway, I'm also a customizer so I did a boil and pop and switched the legs of a 41 Clone and put them on Cody's body. After about 20 mins of paint mixing (to come up with the correct color or orange) this is what I came up with, and he's much better then the Hasbro version.

Example: Hasbro



Here's mine.



I can kneel now! YAAAAY!

Nothing major, Cody from the waste up already is a great figure (except Hasbro made his helmet grill grey when it's black...simple repaint. They also neglected to paint the inside of his visor...again, a simple touch up.) Now that his legs are 100% SA he's 10 times the figure he was before.

I also finished my Gree update. Hasbro hit the nail on the head with the MOLD they used on the figure, a 41 SA clone.....but the paint job was all wrong. I simply repainted it and added the straps (twist ties.)

Hasbro Gree:


My Gree:


My next project is a SA Jango Fett.
Very nice customs VR. I'm definitely interested in seeing the Jango.
Thanks, BTW I still have that GL I've been planning on sending out to you. I forgot all about's been a pretty busy week round my house.

The SA Jango will be pretty tough, but I think I have the parts needed to make him.
Hell, I'd send you my Jango to use, aslong as Icould keep him once he's done. :D

BTW, the Galactic Hunt figs are supposed to be rare, right??
The Cody GH figure is rare, but the rest have been poping up everywhere. There WERE supposed to be rare but...well...Hasbro sent out case after case of GH figures. So many cases of the blasted things that they REPLACED Cody in the cases with them.

There are guys at Rebel Scum who want all of them just because they have to have at least one of every figure but other wise they may be hard to get rid of because they seem to be showing up more frequently.

Unless of course the GH fig you may or may not have is a Cody.
nah, not Cody.

I found the GH Anakin and Obi Wan.
Hmm, Obi-Wan may be harder to find and more people will want him because he's a repack of the SA pilot Obi...only with a soft goods robe. The Anakin isn't rare at all and he's a repack of one of the worst Anakin figures made.

I'd say return him for something else unless someone somewhere is trying for the whole set. Then again, you could slap him on Ebay and get 30 plus for it.
I was surprised that Anakin had an action feature. I thought it was a collector's line...weird.

But I'm glad Cody has a defect. I already decided not to hunt hardcore for him so now I have more of a reason not to.

But if anyone can help hook me up with Scorch or the Utapau trooper, I'll do something nice. Like give you candy.
Cody does have his problems.....but he's still a good figure. I mean, if I wasn't into customizing I would still probably be happy with him. He can add to cool scene poses like this.

That is a cool shot. I think I'm just going to repaint my evolutions of the storm trooper clone commander. Is the head a new mold?
Hey saint, i have commander cody and a clone trooper that I picked up for a trade that fell through, would you be interested in trading?
if so, do you have a trades list?

EZ-8, yes, I would be interested. I don't really have a trades list, I'm more of "tell me what you want and I'll go get it" trader. I rarely keep trade bait. FTB knows, I usually don't have anything hanging around and usually turn up with something good. What are you looking for? I have a loose Scorch I'd trade.
i'm interested in ML10 spiderman or just the upper body piece.
thats about it, and thanks for the offer but i dont do SW, i just picked these
2 for trade. so if your wanting both i'll trade ya.
Wow, are you in luck, I have an ML10 Spidey I want to get rid of.
He's sitting right here with me. Anything else?
with sentinel piece????
dont play with my emotions:O
D'oh! Nope, just spidey. I'll toss in my FF Spidey though.
fearsom foe spidey is good, hmmmm......
i dont know what else....war machine?w/BAF piece?
kind of a stretch...
Erm...I know where I can get one but won't be able to for a while. Might be a bit pricey. Don't want the loose scorch?
Oh, FTB, the loose scorch is available if you want it. I like the figure but he's not as poseable as I'd like. Besides, I discovered I can just paint my clone troopers to make 'em cool.
nah dont bother spending time or money on it.
FF spidey is good, i'm also looking for Mcfarlane spidey.

but cody and clone trooper are on hold for you.
so dont worry about me trading.
Cool. I may have an extra McFarlane Spidey...dont' know yet. I gotta search my room for it. I'm in the process of moving so I don't know where anything is. But FF Spidey and McFarlane are basically the same except the head. Anything else I could do you for?

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