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Samurai Champloo question

November Rain

Single Mother
Sep 27, 2005
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I've just finished watching both series and they are great, there is just one question...

In the end is it resolved that Jin is the superior between himself and Mugen

Mugen says something about whenever he fought with someone stronger than him, he just wanted to kill them

does the fact he no longer wants to kill Jin and also the fact that mugen held his own and won against the Hand of God (arguably the most badass assassin in the whole show) mean that he showned his superiority to Mugen?

or no matter how Good Jin is, he is incapable of dealing with Mugen's erratic fighting style While Jin is too tidy to give mugen an opening for a victory?
All the fights they've had with each other points to them being equals. I don't think they changed that much by the end to have a clear advantage over each other.
but mugen pretty much admitted it at the end, didn't he?
No I remember it as them becoming somewhat friends at the end. And jin couldn't have won if he hadn't of used that one move.
well i mean series o and two, coverin episodes 1-12 and 13-26
jin is far more technically skilled than mugen, but it's his refined, rigid technique that prevents him from ever defeating mugen.

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