Screeching Tires: Your Thoughts


Jun 20, 2005
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So I work near a Hibdons Tires body shop, and the grease monkeys over there are ALWAYS reving cars up & down the street screeching the tires as they blast by my office, never slowing down for the speed bumps!?!! :cmad:

What do you think about tire screechers? I wanna open a car door on their privates!! :cmad: You know, "WHACK!"

Doesn't bothered me :o

Get your commemorative Hibdons Digestive Biscuits tin.
*does a donut in thread*

It's a "See how bad ass I am?.....see?" move. And it does nothing but add wear to your tires.
*snickers* Don't hotlink Hulk :p

Be thankful it wasn't porn one, otherwise I'll have to smack you :hyper:
No one posts good porn in here Immortalfire :p
I'm always waiting for the crash.
It says to me: "I feel inadaquate in some fashion in my life, so I'm going to peel out in hopes of feeling powerful."

I know whenever I do a burnout, it's legitimately becase I enjoy doing it, not that I'm showing off.
If I do it, it's on accident, but those fools that do it after every single stop sign or light are just trying to show off how big their dick is more or less.
i live mostly in a retirement community where a bunch of old ladies live.

so yea i hear schreeching tires all the time.
Depends on the type of car and the situation. I'm at a lot of old Chevy shows, and I kind of enjoy seeing an old Chevelle going crazy with it. Older cars, at car shows, yes. Otherwise, not so much.
The car I've been driving while mine's getting a tune up screeches like the automotive sound effects in "Magnum Force" every time I drive/turn in my apartment complex. It ALWAYS sounds like I've just robbed a bank when I'm only going 10 mph. :woot:
i'm trippin. i thought the title was, "screeching t***".

damn. i need to stop drinkin'.
People who screech their tires at night and keep me from getting my beauty sleep deserve to have their balls chopped off...with a spork.

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