She's trying to kill me...


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Jun 10, 2006
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Guys I think my grammy's trying to kill me. First, when I was a wee toddler toddling around the house she dipped by nuppie in a wine cooler. Alcohol poisoning! :cmad:

Just the other day she bought be a double whopper. :wow: Heart attack on a bun!?

How can I watch out for her in the future and stop her attempts on my life?

I'd let her, if I was you.

My buddy taught me how to deal with those old ladies


Oh come on, a drop of wine won't hurt a baby. I wish I had the double whopper though, I'm hungry. As far as advice, RUN!!!!!!!!!
We're gonna get you Georgie! Gramma loves you!

ia! ia!


Yog Sothoth! Cthulhu! Cthulhu!
Your grandma is doing a horrible job! How she going to let you get online if she plans on killing. Geez! She really needs lessons from a true killer. I would but I'm not allowed teach anyone to kill any more...................court order. :o
Ask her how we can help. :up:

Wait till shes asleep then smother her with a pillow, its better you taker her out be for she takes you out. Plus shes already lived a long enough life she should be greatful we aren't euthanizing the old like Logans Run or MTV.
I suggest suicide, but then I suggest that alllll the time.

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