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Should there be another Ghost Rider movie?

Yes. Give it one more shot. I love the character as Marvel's premier fringe character and certainly, one of their most intimidating characters.

The first one wasn't too bad. But they really dropped the ball in the second one. I think the audience was prepped for some interesting stuff in the new movie and they just didn't deliver. For example, when they were in the gravel pit and Blaze picked up the guy with both hands, evidently ready to penance stare him down...what was the long delay for? I mean, what was that about?It just seemed like there were too many holes in the story and the final product...as if it were too rushed.

That part was just ridiculous, I believe it was meant to be a Penance Stare as you could hear people crying and moaning in the background, probably all of the guys past victims, but my god was it done poorly, shockingly so in fact.
The question is, would Disney allow Marvel to make a R-Rated movie?

I love GR, I think he's one of the most badass character Marvel has, but for **** sake replace Nic Cage already!

Who says it has to be a movie?
I honestly don't think that unless Ghost rider can carry his own film without being seeded in other films. He is like Silver Surfer. He has some great stories on his own but it's when he takes part in the affairs of everyone else does he really shine. Ghostrider needs to be promoted with the likes of Dr. Strange and other mystical superheroes.

I don't think Cage is doing the movie any favors. He's just too damn old now. He comes off as an old man in the movies. Blaze needs to be a younger fellow.

The movies have also sucked at the baddies and supporting cast. I think SOV was a much better attempt but I didn't give a damn about anyone who wasn't on fire.

I think what works is actually taking the comic book and bringing the best characters and stories out. Like the WB, they just seem to look at the Wikipedia page for about one character.

Watching a comic book movie should be like reading it.

I think Marvel succeeds at being nerds about their movies. Ghostrider has been handled like it's a Nic Cage film.
The question is, would Disney allow Marvel to make a R-Rated movie?

I love GR, I think he's one of the most badass character Marvel has, but for **** sake replace Nic Cage already!

They would probably just release it under Buena Vista like most of their R-Rated films.
Interestingly, GR started off in animation as a cameo in Fantastic Four, and it was pretty bad ass:

I think this 'team' or 'cameo' formula could work as it worked for the Hulk in Avengers. But in reality, GR just doesn't fit in any random team. Midnight Sons for sure, but without proper prequels like the Avengers, it might be hard to get people interested.

I would like the Avengers treatment. Have full movies or short films with characters like Dr. Strange, Morbius, Blade & Nightstalkers, maybe even a Darkhold Redeemers, and maybe even one more epic Ghost Rider film..then slowly add the ominous threat of Zarathos or the Lillin, and then have a giant Midnight Sons movie. That would be a fan's dream come true.
Does Sony own any other Marvel characters, or just Spider-Man and Ghost Rider?

Don't they realize that people don't take Cage seriously? I want to see a true Ghost Rider movie. Honestly, the easiest step is recasting Johnny Blaze.

I do agree he works like the Silver surfer, and its hard for him to carry his own movie. I don't see him crossing over with Spider-Man though.
Other than the Mountain cutter scene, most of GR2's action was neutered. When he fights people, they just turned to ashes, the penance stare was just a stare, and the last fight against Rourke was literally, "scream at face, throw him down the rabbit hole". I wish this movie had more suspense and more action.

Any potential sequel should do away with all and start fresh, make it R, with a decent budget for great action horror.
Its hard to see another Ghost Rider movie happening soon. They had an opportunity to make a decent film with "Spirit of Vengeance" but instead hired the same actor, and two crummy filmmakers. Its like they really had no interest in making this movie at all, or just didn't take it seriously. The writers took the humor and style from the movie "crank" and just slapped ghost rider on it.

There were parts of the film that showed a great improvement over the first (the CGI skull, special effects, villain choice, slightly longer fight scenes, etc). But this movie literally had no purpose in being made.
I like Neveldine/Taylor movies...but this movie was too tame for them, and it's Sony's fault for wanting to push PG-13 rating, and also cut the budget by half from the original.
There should be another movie...But not made by Sony and definitely not with Nicholas Cage.
I think they should make another in 10-15 years and start completely fresh. Like others have said make it an R and give it a decent budget. Perhaps use Danny Ketch this time around.

GR has the potential to be awesome but its had far too many restraints to let it reach that level.
There should be another movie...But not made by Sony and definitely not with Nicholas Cage.
I think its fine that it is being made by Sony, I just don't think Nicholas Cage should be in it.

Sony has made or distributed a lot of good films:

Spider-Man 1 & 2
Casino Royale
The Social Network
Pineapple Express
Step Brothers
Across the Universe
A Knight's Tale
Men in Black
Shawshank Redemption
Starship Troopers

and the list goes on...

They just need better writers for Ghost Rider
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Fans asked Sony: More Action, less cheesy lines. We still didn't get enough Ghost Rider action, and we still got plenty of cheesy Cage, and plenty of cheesy lines from other characters.

Sony is the one who didn't want a action horror character to be Rated R. They also waited until the last minute to make another sequel, then slashed the budget by half. Sony can't get their head around the character...they need to give up the rights to the character and give it to a studio who has some brains.
There should be another movie...But not made by Sony and definitely not with Nicholas Cage.

Apparently Cage had some pull in getting this movie made from the way he talked on the bluray/dvd, so it probably wouldn't have happened without him. Cage just didn't care about the character as much as he claims & only did the movie for the paycheck, everyone involved did.

Would love to see more Ghost Rider movies preferably without Nicholas Cage but until someone comes along to do one right then we will have to stomach the bad ones we have so far. Maybe Christopher Nolan should take on Ghost Rider as his next project.:hehe:
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Chris Nolan doing a movie with big special effects? Hmm..if we're going for the dream director...I'd go with Guillermo del Toro, or Sam Raimi...rated R ofcourse.

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