Sign up for "15 Minutes": The Remake!!

you should bump the new people ahead of the people going again :up:
Ladies and Gentlemen, behold, the most anticipated event of the series

This stays valid for 5 days, don't feel shy about asking in that duration folk, make it interesting
I'll sign up :D

What's the worst that'll happen!?
Thank You :)

  1. Samuel Jackson --- Starting today
  2. PyroChamber --- Scheduled for December 28th 2013
  3. enterthemadness --- Scheduled for January 2nd 2014
  4. Schlosser85 (Reboot) --- Scheduled for January 7th 2014
  5. MrMaooz (Reboot) --- Scheduled for January 12th 2014
  6. CosmicPinchy --- Scheduled for January 17th 2014
  7. Tanin --- Scheduled for January 22nd 2014
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Ah okay... the 2013 threw me off lol.
I wouldn't mind a reboot.
Hyde (reboot) --- Scheduled for January 27th 2014
His first time is No. 35 on the list
What's up y'all?

Today's contestant

I hope more would be kind enough to sign up, don't feel shy, it's all for simple fun
Minutes with Tanin comes out a bit early cause I won't be near a PC for the next few days

Don't shy away from asking CosmicPinchy more questions before his time runs out 24 hours from now
Hyde (reboot) --- Scheduled for January 27th 2014
His first time is No. 35 on the list
Hyde, sorry I forgot I scheduled a reboot for you on the date I assigned for Superman Prime, sorry
Since yours is a reboot, I will give Superman his turn first, and yours will come on February 1st

Hyde (Formerly MovieMaster) reboot scheduled for February 1st 2014

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