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Silver Age Deluxe Sets

Armored Avenger

A Wizard is never late...
Oct 28, 2007
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What do you think of these? I have seen a few of them around and am interested in the Joker. For those of you who dont know what they are, they are a series of sets that were made by DC Direct containing 2 characters as they looked during the Silver Age. As far as i can remember, the sets specific to Batman were Batman + Robin, Batgirl + Joker, and Catowman + Penguin, though there could have been more (those are the three sets i have seen around).
Pics please?

Still have no idea what you are talking about
Here are the 3 sets that i know of:



These are nice sets, I have all 3. That Joker is probably one of my favorites of all Joker figs.
great figures all.

the joker is my fave too.

why has dc direct dropped the ball lately?
These are really great figure but kinda pricey. I do love the silver-age era though so I might have to break down & get a few....thanks for the pics.
There was also a Silver Age Set featuring Batwoman (Kathy Kane), Batgirl (Betty Kane), Batmite, and Ace the Bathound. I owned the Batman and Robin set and the Joker and Batgirl set, but not the others. They're pretty nice pieces if you can get them for a good deal. I got them cheap from a buddy of mine that runs my local comic shop.

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