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Simon Dark


Feb 17, 2007
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Anyone else read the first two in this run?
Not bad, sort of reminds me of Edward Scissorhands and Fred Krueger mixed up together.

Bad jokes aside, its got a pretty dark tone, and is setting up to be a pretty interesting read... I'm dissapointed that I seem to be the only person here reading it!
By all means I am a comics novice on the grand scale of things, and happened to see the cover in my shop, and I wanted it... Despite my built in objection to DC. (programmed by Marvel.)
Simon Dark seems to have been created from a number of dead bodies and, as such, has no memory of his past. He exhibits some super-human abilities such as enhanced speed and agility, as well as extraordinary strength. He also states that he remembers everything he reads, which implies he may have a photographic memory. In the first issue, he claims he doesn't know where he came from nor how he came to inhabit Gotham City, but remembers he was smaller then and has grown since; however, his "straps have not"

I picked up the first issue and I liked it. The artwork is good and the story seems to be interesting. I will pick up the second issue next time I go to the comic book store. I am curious how much he fits into continuity, like Frankenstein from the Seven Soldiers of Victory, and the DC universe.
I've read the two issues out so far and I enjoyed them. It could just as easily been done at Image or Vertigo, but for whatever reason, Niles decided putting it in the DCU (Gotham City, to be exact) was a natural fit. If it gets Hampton to draw Batman at some point, then I'm most definitely for it. :)
I heard on other boards a few people saying this character be more fit for Vertigo, is it just a violence issue?
I felt the violence came off just fine in these if thats the case.
Looks like they took a horror villain and made him into a protagonist. Maybe he saw a horror flick after his parents were murdered "Criminals are a cowardly superstitious lot, I shall become a guy in a hockey mask..."
It reads like a VERTIGO-esque comic book but set in DCU mainstream.

I like the idea, being a fan of VERTIGO.
This Book Has Become one of my monthly subscriptions. I Like Alot.
Am I like, one of five people who reads this?

I think so, hasn't seemed to have garnered much interest.
Figured it would have, got Steve Niles writing it, it's part of a major comic company, and it's pretty good to boot.

How'd you guys like #3. Didn't think I got enormous bang for my buck, sort of like an issue that's building us up.
Oh, and in the beginning... Was he a little black kid all a sudden?
And I wonder if he's going to lay off of his violent side...
im hoping to see another batman reference or even an appearance by the dark knight.
I don't see the point in setting this in the DCU at all. It's an OK book, but I think I'd like it more if it wasn't in the DCU.

1) Much as I hate to admit it, right now it doesn't make a lot of sense to have too many books that don't tie in to Countdown. When the DCU is heading toward a Final Crisis, you'd think that would impact EVERYONE in the DCU. And even if it doesn't, it really doesn't help to have random extraneous stories about undead superheroes detracting from it. (I'm gonna get flamed for that.)
2) It just doesn't fit into the DCU.
3) Gotham? Really? Gotham's just a bad town. Somebody like Simon Dark fits in a lot more with Vanity, or maybe even Opal City.
is this a good read? Should it be something I should pick up?
Yes, because I want to see how the arc ends. I hate having a random issue around and not knowing how the story ends (problem #5,678 with story decompression), so I'll keep on it till the arc ends. Assuming Niles is at least competent enough to write a coherent story arc that wraps up sometime soon. I've never seen any evidence of his being able to write coherently, so maybe that's a false hope.
What's this dude's deal, anyway? He looked like a reject from Evanescence, which is why I passed on it.
Hmm, that sounds considerably cooler than "pop-goth-metal reject."
Yeah, it's not. I started reading the book with high hopes, but it's been dropped as of last month. It's got one of the most boring, decompressed stories I've ever read. The art's great, though.
I like it. Tone, story arcs, the way they are handling his background. Neat book. One quibble is you don't get a lot of story for that $3. It's not the pacing is too slow, it just feels about 8-10 pages worth of story instead of 24.
Right. That is the very definition of decompression and slow pacing.
I think it's a bit too slow as well, but I am still enjoying it.

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