Sims 2 or The Movies?


Feb 23, 2005
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Which has a better movie maker tool?

i currently have the sims 2. the movie maker is okay. i was just wondering if the movies has a better movie maker so i know if i should bother getting it.

any help?
The movies, is a terrible, terrible game. :(
I agree with mrsparkle. Whenever I see fanfilms or something made with The Movies, I cringe. I am not entirely sure which one is easier though, because you have to play through The Movies for a while to get it to do what you want it to do.
The Movies is a great game! Especially with the expansion pack

So which is better for making movies?

i dont really care for the games. i just wanna know which is better to make movies with.
For Movies, it sorta depends on you. If you are patient enough, The Sims 2 would be great, because of the better graphic quality. But The Sims 2 isn't always gonna do what you want it to do, even if you have the "free will option" disabled.

The Movies, the game is made to make movies and machinisma, so if you want the easier route, go for the movies, it will be quicker and the expansion packs should make it easier.
I haven't played The Movies. But if you're gonna use the Sims 2 it'd be best if you are fimilar with playing the Sims. Doing dialogue for the Sims 2 isn't that easy either.
yeah im very familiar with the sims. ive been playing ever since sims 1 came out.

but yeah. its kinda hard if i would want to do action scenes in the sims.

so yeah. im still not sure which i should go for to make movies in. haha. but thanks anyway for your comments.

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