Simu Liu IS Shang-Chi

This is very sweet. Just goes to show, always follow your dreams
I was hoping for Lin, but I think he'll be great. Gonna look into him more now
Based on this story from the Hollywood Reporter, he learned he was cast as Shang-Chi on Tuesday so he's likely still wrapping his mind around having the role.

Marvel Finds Its Shang-Chi with Chinese-Canadian Actor Simu Liu

Here's an interview from 10 months ago to get know him better (he originally wanted to play Namor and X-Men member Sunfire):
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I've never heard of him before. I was hoping they'd get someone more similar to Bruce Lee whom they modelled Shang Chi on.
I love this casting. Relatively unknown. Bruce Lee body type. Rough around the edges look as opposed to pure pretty boy hero. Just hoping he has the agility and quicks to pass as master martial artist on screen and all is good. As always, the key is fight choreographers to make em look good.
I was hoping for the guy from Once Upon A Time In Hollywood Mike Moh but I’m keeping an open mind
Really like this casting as I didn't want the Pretty boy type actor.
Simu Liu looks like he's got the required edge.I suspect we are getting the serious Shang chi which I love
He's great on Kim's Convenience and I believe he said he's done martial arts training in the past so I'm not mad at this casting
Really interested to find out what Asians think of this casting.
Great casting - I think he’s just so likeable that he’ll become a big fan-favorite.
He is very charismatic. That's half the battle. I have seen all 23 MCU movies and the only lead I found unlikeable was Captain Marvel.
I remember him from the Taken series. He was good in that and showed off some charisma.
I know nothing about him but man he comes off as thirsty for fame.
Really interested to find out what Asians think of this casting.

In Australia I’ve seen a few tweets from people saying how happy they are to see an Asian superhero (which is kind of odd because China and Japan both make action movies as well as other Asian countries of course).

As for mainland China I have no idea. Will be interesting to know what the response was like on Weibo
Really interested to find out what Asians think of this casting.

They didn’t cast a Korean or Japanese guy to play a Chinese character. I don’t think there will be any lighting of torches and grabbing pitchforks here in Southeast Asia at least.
I've been reading some English speaking Asian boards and some are saying Simu looks ugly. I think the people posting rubbish like that (he's clearly an attractive guy) should post pictures of themselves so we can compare and contrast.
You have to be if you want to make it in show business as an actor.
Yeah I guess but he seems to really hype himself up.

I hope he kills it and Marvel hasn’t let me down yet with its lead casting. But from what small resume he has, he comes off as a lightweight.

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