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Oct 31, 2006
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Hi everyone, who should compose the music for Shang Chi? Raymond Wong (Kung fu hustle) would be amazing!
Lalo Schiffrin if he's still working and still around then. He could give it that genuine Bruce Lee and 70s sound like this:

It would also sound distinctly different from other Marvel scores.
Going with a nostalgia pick can be tricky since there is the risk of the score sounding uninspired or dated. I'd rather they take inspiration from Black Panther and hire someone who could marry some of those classic cultural sounds with traditional orchestral music. Shang is a superhero, afterall, so we should hear and feel the epicness of his triumphs and defeats via the score as well.
I still want a 70s sound for Shang Chi to be reminiscent of Enter the Dragon. I don't want just a classical or traditional Chinese score. They can have that in parts of the film, but most of the time I want it retro.

They haven't minded going 1980s with Thor, so why not 1970s with Shang Chi?
I want someone like RZA doing the score. If they want to break new ground with this movie a la Black Panther, going back to inscrutable eastern mysticism isn't the way to go. We have Doctor Strange and a million actual Chinese movies for that purpose. Showing an Asian hero existing in the modern world is the real cutting edge aspect of this movie.
I hope they have a theme inspired by the theme for Drunken Master, aka the Wong Fei Hung theme, aka the General's Order (which I think is the original name for it).

It is most associated with the Wong Fei Hung character, who was the main protagonist of Drunken Master and films like Once Upon a Time in China (with Jet Li).

Here's the version from Once Upon a Time in China:

Using “Run It” during the bus fight scene was brilliant. That scene got me pumped and the music in the background was part of the reason. It was definitely my favorite scene of the entire movie.

The album of Shang-Chi was very reminiscent of the Black Panther album which I also enjoyed very much.
The Music was very true to Asian style and set the tone from the first teaser trailer to the actual film.


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