Horror SMILE (2022)

Really enjoyed the first movie and seeing that it made $100M, I’m surprised it took them this long to announce this. I worry this could go the way of The Ring and have a lackluster sequel.
I really hope The Asylum makes a rip-off version called “Frown.”
Nice to see Naomi Scott in more things. :up:

At first I questioned why not have Sosie Bacon back but then I remembered.

Excited for this.

“The teaser footage for Smile 2 that played at CinemaCon 2024 was focused on the new character played by Naomi Scott — a music celeb whose glamorous world is about to get dragged to hell. After a few glimpses of her pop star performances, the footage showed Scott’s character getting a shock when a man (played by Lukas Gage) breaks into her dressing room and smiles creepily at her.”

“Elsewhere in the footage,” their description continues, “she is confronted by a kid with braces who flashes her a similar malevolent smile.”

Looks like Naomi Scott is the main lead.
Pop star angle could be very interesting, like Perfect Blue.

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