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So who was the tall Kryptonian?

Bruce Malone

May 23, 2009
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I'm talking about the big guy who was doing a lot of the ground fighting with Faora and arguably had some of the cooler action moments like jumping on the fighter and flinging the train.

I'm confused as to who that character was supposed to be though? I've seen various references calling him Namek, Tor-An even Non. Who was the actor playing him? was he actually CGI? This has sort of become a MoS mystery to me.
I think Zack Snyder officially confirmed him as Nam-Ek in the "Anatomy of a scene" featurette.
The actor playing him was just some stunt guy, if I recall correctly. And yes, he was full CGI.

Nam Ek and as I've said before in the novelisation it's suspected that he had spliced his DNA with that or a Rondor Beast and that's why he's so huge.
Actually, he's not mentioned in the "Anatomy of a scene" featurette as I thought first, but I found this bit from the 'Man of Steel: Inside the Legendary World of Superman' artbook which should be confirmation enough:

Wow good find that's pretty interesting.

I actually assumed that they had cast some giant guy in the role and maybe then cgi'd him up. Seeing as he was fully cgi essentially it makes me wonder how much of superman, zod and faora themselves were cgi figures? seeing as some of their battles/actions didn't look so different than Na'meks.

Would have actually liked to see some more superman vs na'mek action too.
Nam-Ek always gets picked first in Kryptonian pick-up basketball games.
He also would have set a new world record in Triple Jump if he had landed correctly.

I think we know who the ultimate match-up for the hulk would be.


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