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Sequels So WHY isn't X-Men 4 happening?

Man of Tomorrow

Sep 25, 2008
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So after a disappointing Wolverine prequel, Fox and Donner wants to do:

- X-men First Class (another prequel with teen versions of the original three and Beast)

- Gambit (Another prequel film on the Gambit origins)

- Deadpool (another film set prior to X-men in the past)

- Magneto (another prequel origins story)

- X-men Origins: Wolverine II (another Wolverine prequel set in Japan)

:dry:.... Is this franchaise EVER moving forward?

Why is TPTB against X-men 4 and committed to all these prequel backstories? What's the logic behind this?
Well Fox figured after Brett Ratner, why poor acid on the open wound of fans by making another X-Men when they could instead make new wounds
because they are cheap bastards and dont want to invest MORE money into a new X-Men feature...also negotiating with big stars to return...when they can make much more affordable prequel films
If they explain all the backdrop then X-4 will be easier to do as far as coming up with stories. You wouldn't have to get into all the character development. You could just get right to whatever the story they wish to tell, which would help a tentpole of X-4's magnitude. There is only so much background that the audiences need though, and I think most of these spinoffs are pointless. But they have good stories nonetheless.
The best way to explain it is Fox sees X-Men as there own Star Wars trilogy's...

However you just cant say, X-Men Episode 1 anymore, as to the first star wars movie being renamed Star Wars Episode Four...

Its simply this, they have a successful franchise, in otherwords its become a safe bet, they will make what money they want from it.

But with any trilogy by the 3rd movie there is alot of history of the characters that is untold, like in star wars how anikin became the bad guy, and so we have a prequel...

What fox plans to do is simply this

X-Men 1-3 is really the equivalant to Star Wars Episode 4 - 6. So now there looking at making a prequel to tie up lose ends, and that becomes X-Men Origins...

Now x-men origins, you will have wolverine, magneto and first class being the next trilogy.

Once they make the prequel trilogy they will then make what is known as the Sequel trilogy... Fox is looking at making the first sequel trilogy that proceeds x-men 3 before star wars makes Episode 7 --- The race is one
Star Wars: A New Hope was never renamed Episode IV. It was always Episode IV.

As opposed to decided that it would be cheaper to make prequel movies without bothering to even remotely fit them in with continuity.
Why is TPTB against X-men 4 and committed to all these prequel backstories? What's the logic behind this?

X-Men 2 cost: $110 million
X-Men 2 gross: $407 million
Profit: $297 million + DVD's etc

X-Men 3 cost: $210 million
X-Men 3 gross: $459 million
Profit: $249 million + DVD's etc

Because X-Men 3 cost a lot more it meant that Fox made less from it, and an X-Men 4 would have probably cost even more as it would have needed to be bigger and better. Plus, the cast grew and getting everyone back and scheduling would have been a challenge.

Hence the spin-offs. Smaller budgets, smaller cast, (most likely) similar gross and profits
Star Wars: A New Hope was never renamed Episode IV. It was always Episode IV.

Really? I hear people say that but where's the proof? Not that it's a big deal or anything I'm just curious.
I think they first need to do a 2 prequels more: Magneto and xmen First Class so we can see the whole pre completed saga of the xmen movies.

*In Magneto origins we can see him as older while is visited by Pietro and Wanda, so thats how we learn why he and Xavier separated and at the end his children goes with him to form a new empire for the mutantys.

*In Xmen First Class, well the franchise needs to be only a two movies. Introducing Nathaniel Essex as a scientece that search mutants dnas, and the first encarnation of the Brotherhood and why not a anti mutants gang like the purifiers! This movie have to introduce our heroes in their early times in the xavier school, also needs to intorudce Forge, who develop all the techs for Xavier and they have to show us how xavier works with jean to control the pgoenix.

After those two movies they had to start jumping to the present and made an xmen 4!
Re introducing some elements from the prequels (an adult emma frost, maybe a old forge, sinister dont know even cyclops comeback), probably the arch this time could be sinister and his marauders (gambit as marauders leaders could be fun and they can use the same actor, they can explain that gambit never gets old cause he is a etenernal). The institute still runs by Storm, and Forge is next to her to provide her all the techs and new x-jet. Rogue powers are back, and we can see some new faces!

They only have to think to made a xmen 4, we need it! they canty close things with xmen 3
i say screw Magneto. First Class has the potential to tie all of the loose ends together AND present new ideas and plots for X4. i think its the best way to go.

and like someone said before, if they can get enough character development in the First Class movie it will make Storm, Jean, and Scott much more interesting and dynamc characters for the other movies. and can explain some of the issues...

i also wouldnt mind another Wolverine movie, i guess, but id much prefer not having it. its not really gonna further the original trilogy, and it def wouldnt help out with coming up with more stories for any future movies. the only thing id be interested in would be some kind of story for Lady Deathstrike.
Star Wars: A New Hope was never renamed Episode IV. It was always Episode IV.
Sorry to get all geeky on you here, but it was originally just titled "Star Wars". After "Empire" came out, it was changed to "Episode IV: A New Hope".:boba:
the problem is fox seemed to have no interest in doing more than 3 x films which is dumb because we could have like x men 6 by now
I really dont care about any more prequels.

Wolverine showed how messy things can get when you spend the whole time trying to introduce too many characters.

X-Men Origins: Magneto would not be a hit of any real magnitude. Just the title will hurt it. I would prefer the simpler X-Men Origins.

That would essentially be Magnetos origin, and you show the rift between him and Xavier. Start the film off in modern day, with Magneto taking over Xavier's school. To make up for a total lack of Wolverine; Beast, Gambit, Emma and Deadpool would be in it...just get you to roughly where the X-Men are in the first film...Cyclops, Jean, put Storm in there as a supporting role and show that she is not the leader Scott is. Get Gambit onto the streets and Deadpool out of the picture. Then immediately move on to part 4 and an Apocalypse trilogy.
Sorry to get all geeky on you here, but it was originally just titled "Star Wars". After "Empire" came out, it was changed to "Episode IV: A New Hope".:boba:

Thats really cool, especially since when it first came out the very first thing you saw was...


So...uh...yeah, it was called Star Wars on the marquee...but it was certainly called Episode 4, or that was one really lucky typo.
Yes to First Class setting up more stories for X4 and beyond. No more prequels after First Class or spin-offs, it's overkill! Do Deadpool, Gambit or Magneto really need their own movies?
We don't need First Class to set up anything for X4 and beyond.

We already have the first three films as a solid setup for future sequels.

That's generally how it works.
Well if they have Emma Frost in First Class and have her defect or leave the team by the end of the movie then have her return in X4 as part of the Hellfire Club, that could be a good story.

It would also be cool to get the unfilmed sequences of Storm and Scott's powers emerging as described in the X1 novel. Beast can turn blue during First Class since he should be still human looking when he joins the team. At the end, they can have a young Iceman's powers emerge and have Xavier visit his home to recruit him for the school. All these for continuity since we got Rogue's, Magneto's, Jean's, Angel's and Logan's.
They are doing a First Class.

I do NOT want that to be a reboot, and would prefer if they used it to set everyone up for where they'll be in part 4. Will there be a mutant massacre? Then end First Class with Gambit a fugitive and living with the Morlocks. Will Emma be a hero or villian? Set all of that up and then roll with a new trilogy.

But no, every character does not need a solo franchise.
I really dont care about any more prequels.

Wolverine showed how messy things can get when you spend the whole time trying to introduce too many characters.
it's not the fact of the too many characters a lot of other shows and movies have shown they can handle that it's the fact that they have sub par screen writers and the fact they have too short a dead line to do all the characters in a good and actual story from the start. All cause the dead line from beginning to end that fox gives is too damn short and their not hiring guys they know that have been able to do massive casts and have been hits.

I'm gonna show this example again

this is what Richard Roper and Ebert's said they said they(fox )needs a mutant "screen writer. that is true. ,more like someone that's able to handle large casts cause the guys doing movies only know how to do soloist heroes.

that's why I suggested the guys from the 4400 and J.M. Straczynski of Babylon 5 fame they are able to write in that way.


also cause they did shows and more with the same themes as x-men and are able to do that style of writing where the cast gets equal enough screen time.

what i want is what was said in that freaking review and what I just mentioned and seen in that first link. I can't believe this is from guys like them who have never read the books, but they seem to know this better then the people making the damn movies at fox and I met plenty of people that find out later the the X universe was bigger then what those movies pushed and they asked me why that happened? in annoyed tones too.

what they should fix is known and it seems fox doesn't care to do this so. that's why I don't want fox to do it any more.

There was always a problem of jumbled story telling line wise it was long before X3. they needed and still need a better screen writers to fix that and more spot light on characters like cyclops that was problem. it's cause their doing the same formula of the first two movies and I know you can see it's the same formula / execution in how their telling the stories in the movies that's killing this.

Other shows and screen writers on them have big casts and have done fine. I think you all know this.

it's not the freaking number of the cast, it's the fact fox and the guys their hiring only know how to do soloist type movies and aren't used to writing in that way and fox knows guys that can actually handle that kind of writing like the writers I just mentioned

but they refuses to hire them.

that's the damn problem .

And until people here and fox them selves(not likely on the latter) take note of this , first class will end up the same way as those movies your complaining about cause of the execution/ formula they've been using since X1 and the fact they have poor screen writers when they know they can hire better guys that are able to do large casts and the start time for the dead line to the end of the dead line is to freaking short.

bah wake up.
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I don't understand why cant they just do x men 4 the problems in x3 can easily be fixed if a director and screen writer really look at x men 3 first of all lets take a look.

1)Cyclops Death - Do we see him die?Nope.do we see his body?Nope.
-For all we know Jean could of put him in a telekinetic coma/ or cocoon and once she died he broke free of it he could be wandering with no glasses.Could be captured or welcomed in by the brotherhood can say the x men didn't even bother to look for him. They can even say that Logan killed the love of his life Jean Grey.It would be a interesting concept for the character of cyclops and Wolverine.

2)Xavier's Death - it is explained in the film in end credit scene from X3

3)Mutants loosing powers - Magneto/Rogue/Mystique- Magneto got his powers slowly by end of X Men 3 which shows the cure was not solid proof.So who is to say Mystique wont grow her blue scale like skin back and get her powers back.Also who is to say Rogue wont go back to being untouchable to all people around her.

And Jean can come back in my opinion.

Also with the failure of the cure it will increase the violence and tension between mutants an humans.Showing how far the humans will go to destroy the mutant race and how they are ot for themselves.

they can even bring in the idea from the Ultimate series where the government creates The Sentinels to track down and destroy and or contain all mutants.

just an idea ?
it's as I just said it's mostly refusal from the fox executives. their just not bright. it's all doable but their lazy, it was evident from the start of the movies. the sentinels were that way in original 616 marvel too any way semantics. As to love of his life ughhhhhhhh on that with wolverine even making that claim.
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they should stop doing prequels, get a damn good writer and director and do X4.

You really want Phoenix back again?? I mean, what drama could there possibly be to her action scenes when she has returned from the dead the past two films??? Heck, they never should have brought her back in the comics.

Besides, you have Storm, Rogue, Kitty and theoretically Emma on the team. How many women does this team have? Heck...without killing members the roster just gets more and more bloated.
They screwed everything up with X3, i think they will reboot the franchise before you see a sequel to X3

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