Spider-Man @ 40

Yeah.. what's the big f--king deal? F-this! F-that! Oh no! Fanboys gotta hide in their shell! For f--ks sake it's not a Barry Manilow biopic!

That's just saying what some of us are thinking. Therefore I totally agree.
We need to remember that Peter Parker @ 40 is not the Naive teenager anymore. Maybe he's a little jaded and drank a little too much over the last 20 years.

He's more or less based off of my drunk uncle who was once a war hero in Nam. Except my uncle uses a lot more profanity and punches walls.

Besides, who knows what happened to Spidey between the comics and the age of 40. What did he see to harden him and make him not give a s--t about the world or himself. Maybe that will be answered down the road.
HAHAHAHAAHA! Just watched it! GENIUS. Love the whole idea! Good job, man...keep it up! Doc ock was the best IMO.
Are you going to do any non-Marvel characters? Like the Mad Hatter? I could just play myself.

Probably not until I tackle a large amount of Spidey characters. I'm holding off on most Marvel characters as well, apart from a few here and there, as seen with the inclusion of Captain America.
I started working on Episodes 3, 4 and 5 today. More villains to come. Making costumes costs money which is something I don't have, as seen in my version of Doc Ock.
See if you can find some discounted Halloween masks and spray paint them.

I actually looked for masks that are similar that I could paint. No such luck so far. This project has become a bigger undertaking than first anticipated. Anyone know where to buy leopard print spandex? I need pants for Kraven (who is already in the plot outline).
When is the Next Ep coming out?
Holy crap! Can't wait!!:woot:

Full fledged Gobby won't show up until Ep 4, but there's signs of him in Ep 3 which should be complete within the next 3-4 days. Not to mention more w/ Doc Ock and I'm working on Kraven for a possible debut in Ep 4 as well.
Awesome, so I guess that Gobby is going to be in 4!
HAHAHA! Great! Still Ock is just classic...loe him. And JJ is perfectly casted!
That dude that plays Doc ock is freaking hilarious!

And I voted for Mysterio.
That dude that plays Doc ock is freaking hilarious!

And I voted for Mysterio.

Awesome man. Thanks for voting. I plan to do Mysterio, but I'm having trouble finding a large enough dome for his head that is perfectly round and open on one side.

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