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World Spider-Man Novels

Picard Sisko

Prepare to be Assimilated
May 28, 2012
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I was wondering if any of you guys could recommend any good Spider-Man novels? This excludes any comic books/graphic novels, or official novelizations of the movies. Just novels. I only know of one:

I'm sure most people will attest to the Sinister Six trilogy by Adam-Troy Castro being the best Spidey novels out there. It starts with The Gathering of the Sinister Six, Revenge of the Sinister Six, and ends with Secret of the Sinister Six. You can get them used for reasonable prices. =]
Yeah, the Sinister Six book trilogy is really good. Plus, they sport some great Mike Zeck art inside & outside. Here's the cover to the third book.


Untold Tales of Spider-Man & The Ultimate Spider-Man are good ones as well, they are both anthologies. Most stories written by seasoned Spidey writers, & art from many great artists.
Spider-Man: The Venom Factor
Spider-Man:The Lizard Sanction
Spider-Man: The Octopus Agenda
Spiderman and Fantastic Four : Doom's Day- This one is a 3 part book, Spider-Man teams up with Hulk and Iron Man in book 2 and 3
Spider-Man/X-Men: Time's Arrow 3 part book too

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