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Spider-Man Super Hero Birthday Party

Nice! Lol, that was funny. The stunts were cool and I loved the Venom mask. :woot::up:
Because you're a grown man and you play Super-Hero dress-up for birthday parties...

Y'know, the obvious reasons.
Well I'm assuming you did it as a favor or are one of the parents of the children. As a fun thing to do for kids I can understand why, I'm sure the kids loved it and had a ball. Silly, but it's not like you're doing this in your spare time to fullfill fantasies. I see fans dress up and make costumes trying to pretend to be their favorite characters at videos of conventions I've seen, but when a few stunt people put on a show for some kids, it's "embarassing." :whatever:

Good work, I mean it is silly but it sounds like the kids loved it so good job! :)
nice costumes and fight but i am amazed that how the little kids were doing like the matrix, i mean it was awesome, even i cant do that
Well it makes decent money, and its kind of fun. We don't do birthday parties often, normally we do normal stunt performances and stunt work. But hey the birthday parties were just another way of getting more business.

Yeah I could be embarrassed as a 17 year old dressing up as venom pretending to terrorize the city at a birthday party, but I don't let it embarrass me. DACrowe was close though, I'm actually the brother of the child who had the birthday.

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