'spore' Coming To Next-gen Platforms!

What's this game about? I think I have a rough idea, and if it is what I think, sounds intriguing..;..
It would take way too long to explain what this game is about. But as it stands it looks to be a brilliant game concept executed perfectly. It should be great. Let's hope it shows up on the Wii, seems like it would be perfect for it.
it's a series of mini games which you move between by evolving your creature. since you can evolve loads of different abilities for your creature, the creature will be extremely personal. the game becomes this massive sand box with other peoples creations to find and interact with.
Jager X said:
you get to play god :up:
pretty much...

....it's life, evolution, and the universe....all compacted into one game.

and it's going to ruin my life because i'll be addicted as s*** when it comes out! hehe
heh imagine if it was portable. i really hope this is a huge hit. the sims or pokomon style success. i want to be able to talk about my creatures down the pub.

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