Sports Video Thread:Post some favorite sport moments.


Mar 1, 2006
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Post some of your favorite moments in sports.

This was one of my favorites since I was there. It's not my video but I was sitting very quietly recording. I was behind a group of Frenchies that were loud as ****. Once Seth crossed and it was finally confirmed that he won...I was on my feet hootin and hollering louder than the bulk of them put together. They were a startled group. It was super bad ass to see Wescott wrapped in the Flag. :up:

SBX Men Final Winter Olympic Games in Torino

I forgot to check for myself in the stands. :yay:

This next one I didn't make it to and I'm so glad I wasn't there. Very devastating, embarrassing and painful to watch. Showboating, ftl. :csad: Poor, poor, Lindsey Jacobellis.

Winter Olympic Womens Snowboarding Final 17th Feb 2006

One of these days I'll upload my videos. :O
Warren Moon=greatest black QB of all time :o Randall comes in second, that's right :)

Btw here is a good video, Randall punting :D

One of the most exciting plays in Super Bowl history

Randy Johnson hits bird with fastball. :lmao:


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