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Favorite Moments in Sports History


Apr 24, 2007
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Just what the title says. List your favorite moments in sports history. Can be from baseball, soccer, hockey, football, whatever. Just not NASCAR. Because that would be going off topic.

One of my favorites was in 1992 with Ditka as coach as the Bears. Then QB Jim Harbaugh was on orders to not audible into anything during a specific play. He either ignored Ditka or just forgot and audibled into a screen pass which ended up in an INT being returned for a TD and the Bears eventually lost that game. When Harbaugh returned to the sidelines after he threw the INT, Ditka, red faced, ran up to him and grabbed him around the collar and screamed in his face:
"WHAT THE **** ARE YOU DOING OUT THERE!!?!!" You didn't need a mic to understand exactly what he was saying. Harbaugh threw two more INTs in that game. Not the best memory, but one of the funniest I have of Ditka and the Bears.
Dale Earnhardt wins....wait nevermind.

MLB - Aaron Boone's GW HR to win the 2003 ALCS
NFL - Steve Smith's GW catch in double OT against the Rams in the divisonal round of the playoffs.
When the 'curse' ended for the Red Sox, that was a pretty sweet moment cuz I knew so many die-hard Sox fans
While not very significant, one of the most exciting NFL games I ever watched was a few years ago when Manning and Favre had a shootout. 3-4 drives in a row the two of them kept throwing deep bombs for touchdowns.

Vince Carter completely jumping over that 7 footer in the olympics was pretty crazy.
Michigan's torrid run to the championship after Frieder left for ASU. Best part? Rumeal Robinson's reverse dunk that should've been a layup, but Cazzie Russell willed it to become a dunk and so it became.

Desmond on fourth down in the corner against ND. I hate ND in ways I can't explain.

Anytime Paul O'Neill did anything in pinstripes.
The Packers winning the '96 Super Bowl.

1993 Badgers end 31 year Rose Bowl drought and Win.

Badgers win back-to-back Rose Bowls in 1999 and 2000.
Dale Earnhardt wins....wait nevermind.

MLB - Aaron Boone's GW HR to win the 2003 ALCS
NFL - Steve Smith's GW catch in double OT against the Rams in the divisonal round of the playoffs.

:cmad::cmad: AARON F**KING BOONE!!!!:cmad::cmad:
a quick top 5 (to be amended in the future):

5) Clemens' two 20 K games (pre-steroids).
4) Fisk 'waving it fiar' in the '75 World Series.
3) "Game of the Century"- 1971 Nebraska v. Oklahoma.
2) Tom Osborne finally getting his first National Championship beating Miami 24-17 in the 1994 Orange Bowl.
1) "Reversing the Curse" The Boston Red Sox winning the 2004 World Series.
When the 'curse' ended for the Red Sox, that was a pretty sweet moment cuz I knew so many die-hard Sox fans

Ironic. I enjoyed it because I know one die-hard Yankees fan.
49ers winning Superbowl XXIX. That's all that matters.
San Francisco 49ers:Joe Montana to Clark "The Catch" vs Cowboys.
I am a 49er fan for life.
When the 'curse' ended for the Red Sox, that was a pretty sweet moment cuz I knew so many die-hard Sox fans



1. My beloved Washington Capitals finally winning their first Stanley Cup in 2018
2. France defeating Brazil at the 1998 World Cup in Paris -- huge upset and it was a terrific game.
3. Montana to Clark to to defeat the Cowboys in the NFC Championship Game in 1981 - an amazing play that ignited my lifetime love of the NFL
4. Duke's Christian's Laetner's amazing shot to defeat Kentucky in 1992
5. Alma Mater UF Gators defeating the FSU Seminoles in 1997 for their first ever National Championship.
The helmet catch during the 2008 superbowl, giants vs patriots.

I'm not even a giants fan, my friend was, but watching that moment with him was incredible. The giants ending up winning during that final drive with little time on the clock.

We couldn't believe what we just witnessed.
UK vs Duke 1998 elite 8.
UK gets redemption against Duke and the Laetner shot by getting the come from behind OT victory en route to the national championship
In our living room with my mother, grandmother, uncle, brothers & sister, we watched live television of Seoul 1988 olympics Men's 100m Finals - Ben Johnson all roid-up, blood-shot eyes, rippling massive shoulders at the starting block and 9.79 secs later with his arm raised as he crossed the finish line. That along with the front side replay of Carl Lewis' incredulous look at Johnson with his upraised arm. lol

Still the fastest sub 9.80 secs 100m until Maurice Green in 1999.
Giants 2007 SB run every game we were underdogs and to beat the 18 - 0 Pats with that coach and QB its something i'll never forget
Until we did it again 4 years later and the Mannigham catch in from of Belechick

most shocking was Tarver vs Jones 2 I never envisioned Jones Jr. losing and to lose in that fashion

not necessarily a sports moment but Plaxico Burress shooting himself in the leg and costing the NYG there chance at Back to back SBs just brutal
Jonny Wilkinson's drop goal in the 100th minute of the Rugby World Cup Final 2003 - to win it for England.

Despite being Welsh, I have always respected the guy as a player and it was a moment of pure magic after probably the most intense final to date. Also, because the English made no secret that that was their plan A , from before the tournament started and to win with that ridiculous move seems worthy of praise.

Lakers winning game 7 in 2010. Somehow, someway...

Jordan hitting the game winner in Utah in '98 is a very close second though. I was at a club at the time, and when everyone started going crazy I thought a fight had broke out. Then I saw the monitors and realized he did it again.

I'm still amazed at what Brady pulled off last season.

Changing teams after 20 years. During a pandemic. New city, new coaches, new teammates, new system. No OTA's or preseason. Having to learn everything on the fly.

Taking a losing franchise, who hadn't made the playoffs in 13 years, to the Super Bowl and win it!

All this in his first year!

Truly incredible.
Of course,every one of the Penguins Stanley cup runs were magical. I especially love that 1992 team. But Mario's comeback in 2000 is one of the greatest things I've ever witnessed. I remember hearing the news and being skeptical,and wondering if him coming back my be a bad idea and tarnish his legacy. I couldn't have been more wrong...and I was thankful I was. What a ride that year was! Mario and Kevin Stevens are my all time favorite players and both came back to the Pens in 2000-01. With the exceptions of the early 90's,that was my favorite time in Pens.hockey history.

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