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May 20, 2002
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Anybody else reading the Stargate comics released by Avatar Press?
Nope, but I'm a huge fan of the shows. Are the comics any good? I've been too embarrassed to buy them. :(
Yeah, they are actually pretty good.

So far, the miniseries that Avatar has put out heavily tie into the show and even tells you where the story takes place in the show continuity.

I recently got into the show about 6 months back. My mom has all the episodes on tape so I've been watching from Season 1, etc.

Found out there were comics not too long ago and got a bunch of them.

If you really like the show you should enjoy the comics just as much. The comics are easy to get a hold of too. All you have to do is go to and you can pretty much buy all the comics they've ever printed of Stargate.

I know that one book is about Aris Boch, the bounty hunter. I haven't read that one yet.
Sweet, I'll probably order the whole lot of them at once sometime.
I did the same exact thing. Except going through Avatar I ordered from Midtown Comics. They didn't have everything but they had pretty much the bulk of what's been released. I'm missing maybe two or three issues. Most of them are Convention specials from the official Stargate conventions...which I had no idea existed until a few months ago.

The show is awesome. I've only seen up until the beginning of the fourth season and it just gets better and better. Teal'c is the freakin' best on that show, heh.
I'm partial to Daniel, myself. Although I actually liked Jonas a lot when he came on, too. I think season 4 is probably the best.

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