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Guardians of the Galaxy Starjammers?


May 8, 2000
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...considering that so far, the X-Men films have avoided anything involving space-adventure, I wonder how the Starjammers would fit into the GoG movie narratives.. it could be interesting..
Intriguing. I'm interested in who from Marvel's larger cosmic U would turn up (I'm still hoping for Ego the living planet to turn up).

As for the Starjammers, I don't know. I guess they'll never be able to have Corsair appear in the more grounded X-men films so...why not?
I would love to see the Starjammers in this but I'd rather see them in an X-Film with the Ship's and the Imperial Guard. Unless X-Men go back to Marvel I don't see that happening though.
I doubt we ever get Starjammed in any universe.
haha I meant to say Shi'ar in that last post. :/
I kinda hope not. And if they do, I hope Corsair (or whoever is the leader) has no relation to Cyclops. I always thought that was kind of a dumb twist.
Starjammers have too many ties to the Summers family, so the only place they really belong is the X-Men film universe, which will probably never use them.
Why not? We're gonna get time travel and robots in the next X-Men movie. Anything is possible at this point.
Why not? We're gonna get time travel and robots in the next X-Men movie. Anything is possible at this point.

Anything is possible in the X films as long as it doesn't cost too much. Giant cloud Sentinels aren't out of the question. :whatever:
Aren't you just clever. :whatever:
Aren't the Starjammers similar in concept to the GoG? A human who is somehow transported to the space where he becomes leader of a band of aliens?
Perhaps in some sequel to GoG they can be brought in as the sort of Anti GoG, like a reflection of the team, not bad guys but rivals or something.
Unless I am misunderstanding either concept of the comics.
Indeed, there's not much they could do with the Starjammers that the couldn't already do (probably better and more naturally) with the GoG.
Guardians of the Galaxy. We don't need other characters unrelated to them at this point

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