Superman Returns Stereoscopic Superman Returns One-Sheet!


Nov 6, 2005
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if you don't know to view stereoscopics you need to learn! it's very simple... look at the pic, cross your eyes until you make a 3rd one in the middle. lock that 3rd middle pic in with your eyes and just focus on it. viola!

this just hurts my eyes. ;)

kinda cool though.
Keanu Reeves says "Whoa!"

So it looks like the two pics are coming at you right?
co-sizzled. no it really shouldn't.
That's really nice....I love 3D effects....thanks.
I cant get my eyes back in focus now:(
Sweet, I love those things. I am liking this being a lot simpler then those randome patter ones with a hidden image in them.
Can someone photoshop the new poster with the words superman returns in the classic superman 1 and 2 style.
I just can't do these. I've tried, but I can't.

Those "random pattern ones with a hidden image in them"? I can do those. Easily - I get a perfect, in focus 3D image that looks like a model wrapped in wallpaper - it's not the same as a colour photo but I can do them, whereas many people can't.

But these ones with the two images side-by-side, I just can't get the "middle" picture to stay there long enough to even try to focus on it.

How far away should my eyes be from the screen?
James Cameron needs to hurry up with his 3d technology, hehe
That is awesome! I couldn`t do this cross eye thing till i tilted my head a little bit and i could see the 3-d image!! Amazing!!
I've been sitting here for like 15 minutes trying to see it, and I finally got it.........but it's backwards!! The earth is the 3-D part, and Superman is sunk down, anybody else seeing it like this? :confused:
For anyone who's having trouble seeing the poster, it's as simple as I've described before:

1. Cross your eyes, till you see a 3rd poster in the middle.

2. Slowly let your eyes focus on that 3rd poster (without losing it!) so that you see Superman pop out.

I hope that helps.

PS - I can't see the patterned ones myself! That's why I like stereoscopics - no sticking up your dang index finger and going out of focus and then moving that finger around until... nothing happens!

See what I mean? This is simpler.

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