Street Fighter VI

Congrats to Uma for winning the million dollars at capcom cup with Juri. I am going to have to watch the vod, because it is so much fun to watch.

And in a sign that SF6 is doing well, the million dollar grand prize returns next year.

Likely season 2 announcement at EVO.
Happy Akuma day. And based on the little tournament I saw tonight, Combo Breaker, which is going with allowing Akuma and the balance changes to be used, is going to be a fun tournament to watch.

Amazing animated trailer for season 2. Pity its still 4 characters, but Terry and Mai are an amazing surprise.
Ooops, Bison gameplay trailer leaked.

The two "new" characters are from a different franchise/ip outside Capcom. I wonder how Capcom made that decision. I guess revealing 4 new fighters for SF6 will be an annual thing similar to SFV. But SFV got 6 per every new wave/season and they did that for 5 seasons for a total of 30 additional fighters. I'm wondering by the end of SF6's campaign, there would be fewer additional fighters or if Capcom is going to have season 6 and 7. If it ends with 5 seasons, it would have a total of 20 additional fighters which are still many, but noticeably lower than SFV's total.

SFV launch - 16 fighters
SF6 launch - 18 fighters
SFV expansions - 6 per season, a total of 30 additional fighters from 5 seasons
SF6 expansions - 4 per season, a total of 8 additional fighters from 2 seasons so far
I do think they are getting more comfortable, as the timeline between Akuma and Bison is only a month. However, I think the needs of the greater game, ie their e-sport where they are dumping a million dollars into the grand finale, requires them to keep new characters down a bit.
Not just any american, Punk. Who was runner up in the first Evo I watched back in...2017. Happy to see it, and it was an insane match.

oh, and a look at the Terry model.


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