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Jan 19, 2006
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Was curious if anyone watched the 31 Episode series. I thought it was pretty good. It wasnt like the movie or the cartoon of the movie. It was definatly made for a mature audience.

So people dont get confused with the movies, it was about Ryu and Ken traveling the world learning to fight where they learn the Hudo Ken and learn there rising dragon punch and such plus alot more
That was so unfair with the fight between Ken and Vega and Vega still lost!:)
It was a pretty good series except for the extended reuse of the Hadouken warmup animation. The music was pretty damn good as well. Its a shame that Manga entertainment didn't include the original opening and ending themes in the DVD release.
Lucy in the sky said:
That was so unfair with the fight between Ken and Vega and Vega still lost!:)
Haha... yeah that fight was pretty unfair. Ken still got pretty messed up though

yeah that did play the hudo-ken animation over and over a fair bit. Yeah I thought the music was sort of inspiring.
I Wish the show had more than 31 episodes, but it was good while it lasted. I always liked when Ken would do the Shoro Hudo Ken(SP?). They show Reruns on EncoreWAM.
I got to see all of them at once, cause my video store had all 4 dvds it was pretty good, but Sagat being a good guy???
I saw it on T.V. like nine years ago or so.

Damn, the Shouryuken/Shinryuken that Ken did was so badass:(

I thought that he was going to learn also Hadouken but when he started to concentrate all of his energy in a punch.. men, I was like :eek: OMG! He's GONNA DO IT!!!

I loved him on the SNK/Marvel vs. Capcom games.. he kicks great ammounts of ass there. His Tatsumaki Senpuu Kyaku is badass and better than Ryu's:down:mad:
The music made it that much better when vega was punched in the jaw why didn't he die?

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