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Street Fighter 4


Jun 22, 2005
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I have yet to see a post about this game.

Okay so the 20th Anni of SF is this year. Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li is coming out at some point. We also get the gift of SF4 for ps3 and 360.

At least that's the safest bet. They wouldn't want to allienate any fans, and they're pretty good with making the games come out on most major systems. SF2 came out on every console (ever) and SF3 was on dreamcast and ps2.

So what would you want to see in this game?

Personally, I've never cared about fighting games. I like the graphics and the stories for certain characters, I may even like gameplay elements, but the focus for me is on the connection. Chun-Li is my favorite character in SF and one of my top favorites of all time. So this is what I'd like to see.

-Xbox Achievments that don't act as filler or require you to do the impossible.
-Xbox Achievments that you'd be proud to have. And are unique to SF4.
-Alternate costumes in place of alternate colors. Instead of a red dress Chun-Li have her alpha costume and maybe an outfit that references the movie.
-Capcom says that this game will have interactive backgrounds, maybe they could throw in stat boost item pick-ups? Or maybe levels that lead into other levels?
~For example: Say Ryu and Ken are fighting in a courtyard of some Japanese hot spring, you could have Ken kick Ryu through the doors and then you'd both be fighting inside while girls scream at you.
-Has anyone played EX3? at the end credits there's a mode where you fight an infite number of enemies with like 20 on screen at once. I'd like to have a room like that where you can just continue to fight before the time runs out. (Also have the option of turning time off if you want.)
- And since the game is 3D with new looks of characters, I'd like maybe an exhibition mode or like a "Street Fighter Lounge" where you can control the camera and look at your characters.
~I think it would have the character in their own level and maybe they'd walk around or do whatever seems appropriate for the character, and you'd have the option of stoping time, and/or take a picture.

So Chun-Li is in her bicycle level, and she's shopping at the different markets. Ryu is practicing in his level, if Sakura is there then maybe she's doing something specific to her level.

Stuff like that would be cool because, after you beat a fighting game..You eventually beat it with every character. Once you do that, the only fun is playing multiplayer---oh wait, excuse me one more:

-COOP STORY/FIGHTING MODES!!! I hate that in fighting games you're always against your partner, sometimes you want to relax and play TOGETHER. Sometimes your partner sucks and you still want them to have fun. Sometimes your partner is better than you, and you'd like to learn some stuff without feeling like a loser by getting beat up.

---But yeah the only fun is in multiplayer and going back occassionaly to play for old time's sake. And I don't mean jsut after you beat the game, I'm talking about: "Yeah. I just beat it the 99th time." "Why?" "Nothing else to do.."
There is a HUGE Street Fighter IV thread in the Multiplatform section.

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