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Jan 7, 2008
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Broken Lizard Announces Super Troopers 2

Posted Jul 25th 2006 8:09AM by Erik Davis
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Finally, life has purpose! Speaking at Comic-Con this past weekend, those Broken Lizard boys announced plans for a long awaited sequel to their underground cult flick Super Troopers. Though an official announcement has not been made, according to Moviehole, the Lizard's were confident the film would begin shooting soon. Is that a good thing? Based on the horrific tale that was Club Dread, I'm not sure these guys would know clever comedy if it repeatedly smashed them over the head. Seriously, after watching the trailer for Broken Lizard's upcoming film, Beerfest, I could actually see the brain cells escaping my head and leaping to their death.
Super Troopers 2, which will be a prequel to the original, finds the comedy troupe playing the father's of their characters in the first film. Having mildly enjoyed Super Troopers, I sincerely hope the sequel (or prequel) entertains. Heck, it's set in the 70s -- mix a whole lot of drugs with an afro or two and you've got yourself a winner. Right?

Who's Up for 'Super Troopers 2'?

Posted May 13th 2007 6:31PM by Scott Weinberg
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The five-man comedy troupe known as Broken Lizard hit the scene in 2001, when their Super Troopers was chosen to play the Sundance Film Festival, which led to Fox Searchlight's purchase of the flick, which led to the sophomore-slump bomb Club Dread and the fairly successful Beerfest. And now the boys (Jay Chandrasekhar, Kevin Heffernan, Steve Lemme, Paul Soter and Erik Stolhanske) are ready to suit up as cops and give the fans what they want: Super Troopers 2.

According to the MTV Movies blog, which had a brief chat with Mr. Soter, the troupe expects this to be their next flick: "There was a period of time where it seemed to us that the only way people recognized us at all was as Super Troopers. So we thought, let's get a few other films under our belt just to let people know that it's not the only thing that we do." The screenplay isn't written just yet, nor has Fox given them the official go-ahead, but Soter promises that the gang has a few cool ideas. Guess this means that Greek Road project might be put on the back burner by the Broken boys, but they managed to right their ship after the Club Dread disaster, so I'm curious to see what they come up with next. Sure, "sequel" is the easy way to go, but as long as its funny, what's the problem?
Super Troopers 2 Almost Ready for Its Return

May 14, 2007
Source: MTV
by Alex Billington
This is hardly much breaking news, but it's good to see some progression in Hollywood. Paul Soter from the Broken Lizard comedy troupe and the guy who played Trooper Jeff Foster in Super Troopers, Dave in Club Dread, and Jan Wolfhouse in Beerfest, spoke to MTV recently with a bit of a positive update on the status of Super Troopers 2. Although they've met with some success via Club Dread and Beerfest, their true recognition still lies as the officers from their biggest hit, Super Troopers.

Soter says they've decided they want to do it.
"The more we thought about it we said we should do it," says Soter. "They are great characters and we still have a lot of material left over."​

"There was a period of time where it seemed to us that the only way people recognized us at all was as Super Troopers. So we thought, let's get a few other films under our belt just to let people know that it's not the only thing that we do," said Soter.​
As for the story and what we can expect in the sequel, they're keeping it quiet and won't speak much about it besides saying that they haven't even written the script yet and haven't gone to Fox about getting it made, but it looks like they're going to be getting everything set very soon. Hopefully everything comes together well, as I'm a big fan of Broken Lizard and would be certainly open and very much looking forward to this sequel.

Broken Lizard's The Babymaker with Farva is Next, Not Troopers 2

May 31, 2007
Source: MTV
by Alex Billington
After plenty of Super Troopers 2 discussion, apparently the next film for most of the Broken Lizard team will be a comedy titled The Babymaker, not a sequel to Super Troopers. Paul Soter told MTV that the film will be directed again by Jay Chandrasekhar and will star Kevin Heffernan, better known as Farva. This isn't official confirmation that Super Troopers 2 has been put on hold, since Soter is unsure whether the rest of the Broken Lizard team will even have small roles, but it is confirmation that this comedy is in the works.
Soter goes on to explain the plot of the film:
"Kevin is a married guy in a couple that has no interest in having children. Suddenly his wife gets baby fever. It becomes a fertility comedy for a while about his attempts to impregnate his wife. Then they find out he has become sterile but he had been a sperm donor in the past. He finds out there’s one batch left, and they won't give it to him. So he gets his buddies together for a heist to go steal his sperm back."
It doesn't sound very good on paper, but it will likely be much funnier on screen. I'm a fan of the Broken Lizard team, despite not always making the best comedies, and will always look forward to the next film any of them are involved in. As Soter said, this might not star the rest of Broken Lizard, but it will at least have that same feeling that they all bring to their films.


Taildraggers First Look for Broken Lizard

June 8, 2007
Source: Variety
by Alex Billington
Just last week we brought you an update on a movie that most of the comedy team Broken Lizard would be involved in called The Babymaker. Now yet again there is another bit of news regarding the Broken Lizard team, this time on a film called Taildraggers, which is aiming to get Broken Lizard director Jay Chandrasekhar on board as well as the rest of the team.
The film revolves around five aimless twenty-somethings who work as pilots for a rickety puddle-jumper airline in the Alaskan wilderness. The action starts when they discover that a competing airline is involved in a plot to siphon oil from a nature preserve. It sounds like an awesome comedy is in the works here, especially for the Broken Lizard team. Although no deals are signed, the project is out to Broken Lizard and Warner Brothers as a first look deal for them to star in as well as for Chandrasekhar to direct. If all goes well, we could expect this possibly in 2008 or maybe even 2009.
I'm not sure what happened to all over Broken Lizard's other projects, including Super Troopers 2, but it seems plenty of other features have come up instead. And for those who are still lost on Broken Lizard, they're the team of actors, writers, and a director that have put out Super Troopers, Club Dread, and Beerfest together so far.

Broken Lizard's Upcoming Schedule - Slammin' Salmon Next

November 1, 2007
Source: Variety
by Alex Billington
For those who may not know, Broken Lizard is the comedy team behind Super Troopers, Club Dread, and last year's Beerfest. They are one of my favorite filmmaking groups and I've been anxiously awaiting details on their next few films. They've got quite a busy schedule (at least six other films in the works), especially considering the impending strike, however they've settled on a project titled Slammin' Salmon as their next. They'll start shooting in January with independent financing that came about because they wanted to get this made but didn't want to wait for the strike.
In a change from the norm, Kevin Heffernan of Broken Lizard will be directing instead of Jay Chandrasekhar, who directed the first three aforementioned Broken Lizard films. Kevin and Jay will also star alongside the rest of Broken Lizard's members: Steve Lemme, Paul Soter and Erik Stolhanske. The story, to be written by the troupe, revolves around a restaurant owner and former heavyweight champ who pits his wait staff against each other in a Glengarry Glen Ross-like competition.
On top of shooting Slammin' Salmon, the guys have at least four other films in the works. Ambulance Chasers and another untitled project are in the works under Warner Brothers' first look deal. Taildraggers has already been announced at Participant Pictures as well as Pony Bush at Dimension Films. Also still not mentioned is the long-awaited sequel Super Troopers 2, that has had some minor developments over the last year, and The Babymaker that was supposed to be their next film.
They've got one packed schedule of films, but you know what, that's awesome! These guys can keep pumping out comedic gold for as long as I'm watching movies and I'll still love it!
Super Troopers 2

A sequel to the 2002 film Super Troopers has been talked about since the original became a cult classic. As of January 2008, Broken Lizard has a general outline and had begun negotiations with Fox.[4] The movie is expected to be set in the 1970s and follow the fathers of the main characters in the original film.
Apparently it's getting done, slowly but surely. That's good, I really am looking forward to this. Club Dread was bad but Beerfest looks better. Have it but haven't watched it yet.

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