Superhero Skype!:

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On the extremely rare occasion I've tried to join a Hype Skype session, I have issues with sound too, so I usually just lurk on the chat for a while.
I will one day get on teh chat and be like 'heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey, guess who guys.'


ANd then I will get booted from the call.
we would know who you are to get in lol
Yes, we would know. You can't pull anything over on us SkHypesters.
thats right
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Edit: *deleted picture that received death threat.*
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I should Skype. I suspect I miss hours of appealing weirdness.
You should. CC does an amazing impression of Bamfer sucking on a lollipop.
Yeah it is... messy also. Like you need bleach to clean it up kind of messy.
and bamfer fails miserably to attempt my accent
I fail miserably to attempt any accent besides Southern and German.
I'll be there. The question is whether I can shake off this caffeine and take a midday nap so I can stay up a few hours later tonight.
Practically nobody's here. I took a 2-hour nap for this?!
Depending on when I get home and how tired I am, I might join the call.
Sorry I missed the party last night.
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