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Superior Ghost Detectives (internet series)


Green Lantern's roommate
Oct 17, 2003
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Hey fellas,

I tried looking for a section for this but I didn't see anything that related to it other than "fan films/fiction" but this is kind of it's own thing rather than a "fan adaption." We started a fake ghost hunting team and made a facebook page for it:


We filmed our first "webisode" that was all ad-libbed on the spot 3 days ago and we have over 100 hits so far, I guess it's picking up a little steam. Let me know your thoughts/opinions/advice because we're gonna film our 2nd "webisode" this Friday. I know the audio was pretty low in some spots (I didn't notice until I played the video on a few phones) and need to work on the lighting a bit, but it's 10 minutes long and the viewers seemed to love the commentary throughout.

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