I Chose to bring toys to life evn if its 10 min imagine the possibilities :Lightsaber,Power rangers morphers,Webshooters,Iron man Gauntlets,Ben 10 Omnitrix.....Thors hammer Toy,Pokeballs, Wolverine claws,cyclops lenses,etc...

yeah... but then they turn back into toys just when the real fun begins :(
Alot of these powers are really cool, except that have huge drawbacks. Like teleporting once a day, what happens if I want to go back? I have to hitch a ride?

Sexual Arousal, only members of the same sex. I won't even go into this one.

I liked Advanced Macro Probability Factor. Ability to calculate all future possibilities spanning 5 minutes. It reminds me of the story that the movie "Next" was based on. But I still picked the natural polygot. Knowing all languages would make me seriously seriously awesome.
Teleportation is the most "practical" power and so fun, just find a map and teleport to where you please.
However I love air manipulation and precipitation manipulation (Storm has seriously one of the coolest powers) and Gravitational Field manipulation, and at perception manipulation

Gravitation field manipulation is the second best cause you can fly (if you weigh under 200 pounds) and again, very useful..

But ermm killing 1000 people within your radius?Starvation?Famine? Hornet manipulation?Creating good smells?...ermmm what the hell kind of powers are those? :huh:

And I don't know why people want to be immortal, that sucks imo.

edit: I didn't see the teleportation once a day thing. Like Majic walrus said, what happens if I teleported to France I change my vote to gravity manipulation.
What about the power to control all wild animals and the elements. That would be sweeet
Immortality doesn't necessarily mean good health nor does it mean you'll stay young. You may just be a big old ball of wrinkled skin that could hardly move with like a whole bunch of diseases :o

And you'll have to see your mom, dad, sisters, brothers, best friends, meh friends, grandchildren, etc. die.
Soon you will be sooo far removed from your family that perhaps no one will take you in. Seriously, what kind of relationship would you expect to have with your great great great great great granfather if he was a live?....I know I wouldn't really have one.
Also lets say someone buries you alive for like 800 years or something (like Adam from heroes)...there is just so much wrong with immortality imo.
I wouldn't be immortal, i would be invincible but still have a normal life-span.
Definitely immortality. I could master or create similar methods of harnessing other abilities over eons of time. Lifetimes of knowledge would eventually imbue the owner with many unique talents and qualities.
Yea but you would probly be gone in the head after all that time.
^But with your name, you'd be soo much cooler if you had air manipulation :o
I chose bliss and horror to bring horror to the people who chose immortality for all the days that I'm alive.
With air and wind manipulation, I can use it for many different ways. I can fly, generate a wall, a strong push or pull, ect.
i think i will have some fun wit Bliss and horror.
surely the ability to alter one's dna would open up the opportunity to do all these things if one was intelligent enough?
There are a lot of us that would be immortal. Remember there could be only ONE!!:cwink:
Eh, I'll stick with no powers if all I can get is what's listed.

What no Tk? I saw the gravitational field thing, but a cut off at 200 pounds? What you gonna do, juggle dogs in Vegas? Not thanks. Telekinesis for me. It's the jack of all trades when it comes to superpowers, and immorality is just a bad idea.
I chose teleportation. But adoptive muscle memory was a close 2nd.

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