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Dec 31, 2001
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Okay folks, here's the deal. For the people who have no idea what this thread is about, I'll explain. The three tribes in the current Survivor game - SHH! Survivor 22: Lollipops and Handcuffs - had to come up with original posters of themselves as supervillians. They were required to submit a name for their team, bios of each team member and the poster. Anything they chose to submit beyond that was up to them.

Now it's time for the reckoning!

You, loyal Hypesters!, will be voting to determine who wins this challenge. In a few short moments, I'll be putting up a poll and posting each team's submission. Please vote your heart. :heart:

Thank you in advance. :)

Rules for the players
* No mass PMing.
* No soliciting votes in other threads.
* No multiple name votes.
If I catch you cheating, points will be deducted.

You may vote for your own team.
If a player votes for another teams poster, it counts as 5 votes.
Host votes count as 5 votes.

The poll will last for 12 hours.​


In order to increase voting... you MAY put the following link in your sig if you want:

Please vote for your favorite!

No more... no less.

You may reduce the size, or change the font or color; however, it must not be larger than size 5 (as shown).

Rules courtesy of Hype! Survivor 18: Glamorama. Copyright - Kipobe and Toven
Uh, you got our name wrong.
I wasn't sure what your name was either, Mee. You should have been clearer.
Hell's Embrace


1. The man in the black and red tux is Scarlet spidey's villain, named ArticFire. His powers are fire creation and manipulation. Though his victims feel an intense cold instead of a burning sensation. He believes he is an amazingly cool when in actuality he's an ass**** who managed to get a lame superpower. He loves to show it off.

2. The red-shirted lady in the front is Deep Thinkin'!, named Harley Skater. Harley Skater is a bike riding, roller skating demon. She emits a special energy of desire. She will throw energy spheres at her enemies to make them want to do something or someone. *wink* She pretends to be a thirty year old women, but in reality, she is a 16 year old hormonal teenager.

3. Buckethead, Monster's villain, is located behind DT. Buckethead comes from a small house across the road from Mars. After wearing a bucket from the age of twelve he was granted the power of telepathy.

4. The ninja next to DT is Badger, named DeathClaw. DeathClaw (aka Phil Badger) is a mercenary for hire who has taken a vow of silence and dedicated his life to the art of death. Born with a unique combination of strength, agility, quickness and an unending desire to hunt; he is the most feared death dealer the world has ever known. His targets have never seen his face, they only feel his blades. Only a select few truly know him and his life before Death.

5. The evil farmer next to them is Fran, named Felonious Farmer. F.F. is a real mean son of a b****. Ruthless at his best, Farmer shows no mercy to those who cross him. Armed with the Pitchfork of Doom, Farmer strikes the fork’s knife-sharp ends into his foes, which sends them straight to the depths of hell. The Pitchfork is armed with evil hay that burns his enemies when the fork is fired at them. He also has superhuman strength, and can lift a 1990 Ford Fiesta with his index finger.

6. The fiery woman behind Felonious Farmer is Cowleen's villain named Diabla. She can control the fire from hell which she also uses to let her fly. By day, Diabla is a regular hairdresser. At night, she turns into an unforgiving assassin who has no patience for stupidity and hates weak-minded women.

7. Todd The Superhero is the villain made by Movies205. Todd the Superhero is a Zombie. Todd prefers baby flesh. Todd smells. Todd is hungry. Todd has no past he is Zombie. Todd needs his leach or he get lost. Todd hates death metal. Todd is for Obama. Todd has no soul. Todd hates monopoly.

8. The little boy in-between Fran and Badger's villains, AND the man in the background, is JewishHobbit's villain named Jew Hobbitson. A 'man' of small stature, Jew Hobbitson is an angry albino dwarf. In a world embracing 5'5'' and taller, this 3'2'' little fellow has become disgruntled and wants the world to know it. Bearing a Napoleon Comlex with penis envy, Jew's wrath took a turn for the better, or the worse, when he opted to rob a scientific study of chemicals and aerodynamics. He found no money there, but rather, many colorful vials of various sizes. He then chose to continue his war on all things big by breaking and crushing all the largest vials, and in the process he ingested a strange chemical that burnt his insides. From the chemical he gained the uncanny ability to increase or decrease his density, allowing himself to weigh multiple tons, or nothing at all, allowing him to fall like a boulder into a crowd, or walk on air. With this ability the small time thief made the big time and donned the name "Big'in". He now serves as the smallest, angriest member of Hell's Embrace.
Well, I guess it's kinda both. Bloody Hell: the European Legion of Malintent.

So whatever.
Harem of Carnage


The Harem of Carnage:
Founded by Norman Black, the Harem of Carnage is a confederation of some of the world's most dangerous villains. The brilliant and ruthless Norman Black is the brains of the organization, and perhaps, the most rational. Under his command this terrorist organization has become the greatest feared throughout the world. When he is forced to take an active role in executing group objectives, he shows that he is amongst the most powerful, as well as the most ambitious.

His two greatest Lieutenant's are Kip's Ego and Him. Alone these two are amongst the deadliest beings on Earth. Combined, they can destroy countries from within. Almost equally deadly is Hybris. He is one of the few true "meta villains" amongst the gang. His presence amongst the group is often strained by his narrow minded objectives. He chooses to only be involved on missions that involve the assassination of heroes, causing strain amongst the other members. Another great power is Ahura Mazda. He is perhaps the one who Norman has to pay closest attention to. His ego is almost as great as his power and abilities. Black realizes how beneficial such power is to his squad, though he fears if he personally shows a hint of weakness, it may spark revolt from Ahura.

Doctor Watson, a woman as sexy as she is smart, helps Norman with the organization. One of the world's greatest detectives, she can help piece together any mystery the group finds. The Average is the newest member. He has proven to be invaluable as a scout and decoy, though he has his own impressive record of arson and burglary to be respected by his fellow members. The last member is perhaps the biggest enigma. El Corinthian would appear to be completely out matched by everyone else in the group. His horrible work ethic, occasional loud sex, poor hygiene and frequent excretion of bodily gases have forced most to ostracize him. Only Norman's presence prevents him from meeting his end in this nest of vipers.

Name: Norman Black
Alias: StorminNorman
Height: 6'3
Weight: 214 lbs

Story: Growing up, Norman knew he wasn't like the other kids. He was...special. At an early age he realized he had the ability to manipulate electricity. This power he used to rule above ant hills, playing Zeus to their Greece.

A brilliant child, he realized his gift could easily out him as a "freak". He thus forced himself to master his abilities, to increase his power and, more importantly, make sure it stayed hidden.

Norman, fascinated with mythology of the Ancient Greeks and Romans, found himself convincing his mind that it is his birthright to take Zeus's chair as the Supreme being on this planet. He realized the easiest way to accomplish this goal was to manipulate American politics.

A brilliant, powerful lawyer known for energizing a jury his step into the political rhelm was as natural for him as shocking a bird from the sky. Senator Black, the youngest ever candidate to run for President, found himself behind in his first Presidential Primary, running against the popular incumbant. While logic dictated him wait another four years - his ego wouldn't allow it. He had waited long enough.

At first the authorities believed the crash was the result of Air Force One getting struck repeatedly by a freak electrical storm. With the President dead, the nation rallied behind the young, energetic candidate.

It may of stayed that way had Black not fallen in love. Wanting to be truly close to a person for the first time, Norman revealed everything to his fiance.

As word of the great scandal started to break, the White House played host to a fantastic battle of the American military versus the Commander and Chief. Norman fought hard, but he knew he would have to flee.

Flee he did, but he was not humbled by this set back. No. He has grown more determined, more ruthless. This is why he has combined a handful of the greatest villains working in America. This gang, this Harem of Carnage, is united to overthrow American order. What the other seven others do not realize is, is true goal is not chaos - but total control.

Name: David London
Alterego: The Trench / Kip Ego
Birthdate: Unknown

History: after being schooled by some of the worlds greatest heroes, the young protege led a promising life. With unmatched hand skills, and quicker moves than even some superheroes, David London proved to be a phenominal opponent to the wicked forces that roamed... until he suffered a great tragedy... the loss of his girlfriend by a hero.... an accidental move.

No longer satisfied by taking the heroic road, he allowed his power to corrupt him. In a battle with the hero who was responsible for the loss of his loved one, he was wounded. As time went by, his physical skills were less and less simpressive... so he turned to his most powerful weapon.... his mind. He was always two or three steps ahead mentally, which allowed him to be more impressive physically. He started to organize crime gangs... even pitting them against one another to weed out who he feared would cause him trouble... but rarely executed himself. He started to become a myth, and when seen, it would be in the guise of a leather trench coat, fedora, and stuble.

The few who claim to see him don't live for much longer... and while the reality of his existence is all now just a question, everyone has to admit that crime has never been more organized. The existence of David London is too a question. The only man fitting that name is an old shut in who can't even leave his nursing bed to answer the door... half-blind, and a cripple to everyone else, no one could ever suspect this guy of anything... unless you really looked at the glint in his eyes.

Although, legend has it that if you did that... you may have already breathed your last breath.

Name: Hybris
Alias: KALEL114
Height: 6’5
Weight: 250lbs.

Bio: KALEL114 was on a plane with his parents and older brother Jimmy, when the plane began to lose altitude and crashed on a small island. His parents did not survive. He and is brother were found by a group monks, who had fled to the island for fear of persecution in the early 1300’s. The monks had developed great knowledge through meditation and had gained many “supernatural” abilities. The monks raised the brothers and taught them their ways. The brothers learned that the monks had a chalice that kept the knowledge and spirits of the founding monks. The chalice also held the sins and raw emotions of the founders.

This kept balance and stability to the chalice and the island the monks inhabited. A prophecy said that if the chosen one drinks from the chalice, they will gain all knowledge and great power to help save the world from eventual destruction. When it is discovered that Jimmy was the chosen one, KALEL114 became enraged and stole the chalice. By drinking from it he absorbed all of the darkness from it. He then became very powerful and full of hate. In a blind rage he massacred the monks and during the onslaught his brother grabbed the chalice and drank from it. A huge battle occurred between the two that left the island in ruins.

Hybris escaped and flew to the outside world in hopes to become its master. His brother took the chalice and formed it into a dagger to stop his brother’s reign of terror. Through several failed attempts to destroy his brother, Hybris decided to join forces with the Harem of Carnage and to take down all Heroes including his brother.

Name: Unknown
Alias: The Average
Height: 6'1"

Powers: walk through walls and invisibility
Crimes: Bank Robbery, Theft, Arson, Breaking and Entering

M.O.: Has grudge Upper Class Society and Government Control. Known for robbing banks, robbing safety deposit boxes of wealthy citizens, breaking and entering and vandalizing the homes of the wealthy and elite, and occasionally pick-pockets people. At the location of everyone of his crimes he either sets fire to it, or blows it up. Usually covers the place in gasoline and throws a cigarette to ignite it as he leaves. Is also known to hold people hostage, but always lets them go in the end. Known to be a smooth talker who blends in with the rest of society and has a tendency to befriend you before he commits his crime, and has helped other criminals commit crimes by being a decoy.

Name: Unknown
Alias: Him

Powers: Unknown
He is rumored to have committed over a hundred murders over the past five years. Its a story known by an elite group of criminals, for none of his killings have ever been connected to another by any sort of authority. Even amongst his fraternity, to which he has become legend, he is only known as "Him". His form is fluid, always changing. He leaves no clues. He is so elusive that no government agency knows he exists, in spite of his record of assassinations, burglaries and arson. Even amongst the Harem of Carnage, he only uses a rotating set of disguises. A master of all weapons, firearms and martial arts he may be the most dangerous weapon on the planet.
Is he a metahuman? Is he a ghost? Could he possibly be mortal? Only one man knows.

Alias: Ahura Mazda
Name: Ahrimann

He once led one of the histories greatest armies. He disguised himself using the name Ahura Mazda, none knowing this was truly Ahrimann, a creature made of evil. The mortals worshiped him as a God. He certainly had the presence of divinity, appearing unstoppable, a Titan on Earth. His reign would fall, however, and his tale become the stuff of myth. Broken and beaten, a mere shell of his former self, he discovered the key to his return. He tricked men into sacrificing their loved ones in his name (thinking they were doing good), he became stronger, fuller, greater and all the while he took good men down the path leading to their downfall. While he has yet to gain his former glory he increases his power every time he corrupts a man to commit the most horrid of acts. This is why he works amongst the Harem. Their ability to devastate is unparalleled. He seeks the day where he is no longer restricted by these circumstances. A day where he is forced to listen to any higher power. The day he will once again be a God.

Name: El Corinthian

Height: 5'9
Weight: 270 lbs
Once upon a time in Mexico, two lovers conceived a child, a child who would one day amount to. . . NOTHING.
That child is EL CORINTHIAN.
El Corinthian was born on Welfare money and Taco Bell. He was forged of textiles, Cool Rancher Dorritos, and Tabasco hot sauce. He amassed his intellect by watching episodes of El Chavo and the movie Stand And Deliver on a daily basis. By eating a diet consisting mainly burritos, nachos, and Pacifico beer, he created a physique that wasn't in the least intimidating, godly, or diesel. But he still got laid (because the Santa Maria mother blessed him with massive manhood). The ladies in Mexico knew El Corinthian as "El Quickie" because he usually always preformed his sexual activities on a quick time schedule.
As time passed, El Corinthian grew tired of Mexico, and decided to jump the boarder -- decided to venture into. . . AMERICA.
In America, El Corinthian struggled to maintain a job of minimum wage, and was also at a disadvantage with the language, and so he decided to dedicate his life to fighting off the evil corporation Del Taco, the same corporation who killed his family and turned hem into burrito fodder.
Now, El Corinthian stalks the Del Taco CEO's, watches, waits, and plans his mission to kill off the evil corporation that is DEL TACO!
His powers include, but are not limited to: power napping; jumping over boarders that lead to foreign counties; a mustache made of high-tensile-tortilla; well-crafted leather sneakers that allow him to run at speeds faster than Speedy Gonzalez; vintage Mexican Revolution pistols and ammunition forged from the hated of a thousand Poncho Villas; and his magical sombrero which holds the key to the heart of Mexico.

Alias: Dr. Watson
Name: Jane H. Watson

She garnered national attention when at the age of 14 she helped the NYPD catch the countries top serial killer. As a child she was always incredibly fascinated by puzzles and mysteries. She never left one unsolved. It was this curiosity that made her an international sought detective. While much of her work served the greater good, this was simply a by product of her thirst for knowledge - not a goal. Norman Black was able to convince Ms. Watson that the true knowledge could only come from working amongst the amoral. Without the lines of Good and Evil constraining her, Watson has strived with the Harem. There are many who think she is the only one Black will trust.
Bloody Hell: the European Legion of Malintent


The Duke of Death. British royalty, Stephen Meeford went insane when he was shown the crown jewels. Now using his already vast fortune and resources, he's on a constant quest to get the jewels for himself. Under the guise of...THE DUKE OF DEATH! *lightning strike*

The wealthy daughter of Duke Stephen Mee was in terrible car accident. Her father used his resources to attempt to save her...however, all attempts failed. As a last resort she was infused with biomechanical body parts were built into her, and hence...'Princess DIE!' was born, the wealthy and spoiled assasin heiress to the throne of the European League Of Malintent. Her weapon of choice is a pair of sai's.

Horrible role after horrible role, Sean Connery is reduced to doing Japanese lip balm commercials in a kilt.

One night he is visited by the reanimated corpse of Sir William Wallace played by Mel Gibson. Mel goes on a diatribe about how much Jews should really give him a chance to remake Yentl with the Mac vs PC guy in the title role. He then bequeaths SC with his famed (movie) sword from Braveheart.

"Sean Connery...your poor choice in role selections (ESPECIALLY League of Extraordinary Gentlemen) has saddened me to no end. Take this sword and redeem yourself by taking Lawrence Fishburne's head to avenge yourself of the role you should have taken if you had clue #1...that of Morpheus. Once you have will be blessed with better roles."

SC, having been swordless since his role as Ramirez in Highlander...goes insane with power and promptly separates Mel Wallace's head from his neck.

Grabbing a burlap bag, shoving Mel's (much improved looking) head into the sack and donning his famed kilt...he heads off into the world in search of more heads. He doesn't really know why because he forgot about the whole Lawrence Fishburne dealie. That and the fact that he gets a kick out of the whole head slicing thing.

Powers: Wields sword better than he holds a Russian accent. Uses severed heads as projectiles in cases of emergency.

The Badliest Joker was once your average barman, Matt, working in a small run down steel mine. That is until the day he came across the one love of his life...a Spanish traveler known as Bakerboy. BAKERBOY! However, Bakerboy's heart belonged to another. Michelle Pfeifer. Despite Matt's many attempts to convince Bakerboy that he did not actually know Michelle and that it was just obsession Bakerboy would not be swayed, telling Matt that he was a "badly joker telling lyies and nonsenses." This in turn drove Matt to a similiar obsession with Bakerboy. Matt relocated to Spain where he stalked the love of his life, yet he never acted. However, breaking point came when Bakerboy, who time and time again denied Matt, seemingly moved on from Michelle and went to the arms of Mr.Parker. Driven to insanity, Matt challenged Mr.Parker to a duel to the death. Mr. Parker accepted and dumped Matt into a vat of boiling organic webbing. Gloatingly Bakerboy and Mr. Parker told Matt "Now you can be the Man-Spider!" However, Matt rose from the organic webbing transformed into something new. And thus, the Badliest Joker was born. He has since terrorized Spain, in search of his love equipped with his mighty powers of long, rants about how we listen and threats of failing the course...he uses his mighty ban hammer to ensure that if he can't have one in Spain can......HE KIDS YOU NOT!'

Once a great scientist, BeerGoggle turned from his dear friends, and began the quest of intoxicating Germany in order for a fourth reich of ugly chicks to rule the world.

He can show up at any bar – he will take over any party – he is always there, and never around. Once his deadly poison of German beer mixed with pheromones enters your bloodstream, every uglychick just became as hot as the sun, and as sexy as that Milf next door you always wanted to bang but never had the chance because your penis. . . o_O

I digress. Point – his plan is to get the entire race drunk, and allow all the ugly people to steal ‘our’ seed, create their own master race and take over the world

Je Suis Hawking!
Professor Hawking seemed to have a bright future as a brilliant, British physicist. That changed when illness struck. As strong as his mind stayed, his body only got weaker. So weak, that most of him became riddled with paralysis and was forced to spend the rest of his life in a wheelchair. Little did he know, that this curse would grant him a new, spectacular power. He could communicate with computers - mentally. He grew so close to his computer that it actually began to speak for him. This new ability, however, was not enough to keep the inevitable bitterness of the pain (or lack there of) that he would experience in the coming years away. This angst transformed into a soul of pure evil. And a robotic voice as equally horrifying. His entire wheelchair became a hidden arsenal of advanced weaponry that he can control with a single thought. Sporting a new moustache, beret and the long-adored mentality of the French, Hawking began terrorizing the streets, shouting in his angry, robotic, monotone voice, “Je suis Hawking!” This terrifying battle cry would, one day, become the name of the new face of evil.

Tron 5000:
During the 2005 Leprechaun convention, Liam O'Hara's pub was visited by a group of alcoholic gypsy midgets. They were angered when Liam announced closing time and would no longer serve them, so they tied Liam up and made him watch as they burned down his pub. Liam was driven mad, and set out on a quest for revenge. He trained with the greatest (and only) ninja master in Ireland, and he became...The Lepre-San! He travels the world seeking revenge, but also hiring himself out as a mercenery. Guy's gotta eat right?

Liam's only skills are his ninja skills. His weapon of choice is the staff, which, when unscrewed from either end, can be filled with 144 oz of beer.

Avangarde X:
Jasper Schultz of Amsterdam was forced to live on the streets after continuous losses through gambling and living off the bottle, his only alternative was to try and get work from the Fishermen on the Amstel River. The fishermen Joked and taunted him calling him scum and worthless, Jasper had hit rock bottom until he spotted a wooden object floating in the water. Jasper, thinking it could be something of value, fished it out to find what looked like a bong. The artifact looked very old but well made, it had been entirely carved out of wood and had some kind of tribal markings. Inside the cone was some cannabis, although it was dry, perplexed as to why the drug was not wet after floating in water Jasper decided to smoke it, hoping his troubles would go away. Jasper pulled out a lighter and began to roach the weed, but something strange happened, no matter how hard he pulled the weed it would not burn, yet it produced a thick, rich smoke. After filling his lungs with the mysterious smoke he exhaled and sat back waiting for the bliss to come, but the effects were not what he expected. Jasper began to panic as the effects started to take hold, "what is this s**t" he thought to himself. Then like a burning rage he got up feeling an intense power inside, he began to run with great wobbliness and hysterical laughter smashing though anything in his path, his body bulged with amazing super human strength. He then spotted some of the local fishermen, "FOOL'S, I'LL SHOW YOU" he yelled. The fishermen, somewhat shocked by the homeless man power, shouted back at him, "GET OUTTA HERE YA BUM." Jasper ignored them, then began to roach another cone, this time blowing the mystical smoke onto the fisher. It came out like a massive gust of powerful smog, bowling the men over. The fishermen began to shake violently on the ground until they were paralyzed. Amazed by the power of the bong Jasper grinned, "with this mystical bong I can take back what life took away from me, nobody can get in my way, I can get high and get what I want all at the same time. From here on I shall be known as The Dutch Bong Master, MUAHAHAHAHA *cough, cough, cough*."
D. I like that.

D, would you like me to express my opinions/thoughts here or should I just do one diatribe at the end with whom I'm voting for?
It wouldn't fit on the poll option. :mad:

Did you want to be: Bloody Hell: the European Leg?

No...just the European Legion part. :csad:
who's the fat dude to my left?

Also, I just had an idea for an even better villain... but I guess it's too late. :(
I wish I could see the other posters.[/blockedatwork] :(
Haha, Jimmy is stretching my widescreen monitor's page. :o

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