The Dark Knight TDK interview & trailer at Music Television!


Nov 29, 2007
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I was watching 5th season of 24 last night, and at the commercial break I turned to Music Television.

To my suprise they showed the Trailer on their news.
While they were showing the trailer they cut the screen in two, and other side of the screen had video from press conference or something like that.

There was this huge Batman logo in front of the audience and actors sitting behind table.

Christopher Nolan came to the screen, and he said that he thinks its exciting to have Batman in Hong Kong.

Then Christian Bale said that its fun to climb high places as Batman.

Then they had this random chick from Hong Kong, and she said that people from Hong Kong are really excited to have Batman in Hong Kong.

I was happy cause I saw the trailer in my TV, tho it was the same trailer we got in tastefortheatrical site but still.

I will try to film the whole thing if I see it coming from the TV, tho the quality won't be that good cause all I have is cameraphone.
I saw this Hong Kong interview a while ago. Its not new.

Its nice to know the trailer is already getting shown on TV. The media attention around the Dark Knight can only keep growing until the film is released
hi guys, i am from pakistan and the day the trailer was released a local news channel here showed it and I was like freakin' blown away :grin:
jsf, Futureview, the monk, Green Goblin 1964, and sad lieutenant.....please read Matt's sticky thread.

C.Lee, did you delete posts or something?

C.Lee, did you delete posts or something?

Yes. One thing people around here take note of quicker than a warning is a loss of point count. It gets their attention.
Ah, that's alright.

I was confused there.
Speaking of TV, maybe TDK can appear in the now crappy CW network.
TDK can help bring in some viewers.Maybe a spot in Smallville again.

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