Team Epic: Canadian Superheroes.

Discussion in 'Misc. TV Series' started by Johnny, Dec 9, 2007.

  1. Johnny Guest

    Hi everyone.

    As one of my first posts I'm curious if anyone else has seen this or what people think.

    It's a new all online series. It centers around a Canadian superhero team after Canada's greatest hero has passed away and people are saying the time of the Canadian Superhero is over unaware of the danger to come.

    I thought it was pretty campy in all the right ways and was very Silver Age meets Bronze age. Sort of serio-comic parody of all the hero stuff going on right now.

    Overall I really liked it and will probably keep following.

    Any thoughts?

  2. Johnny Guest

    P.S. I think their next episode comes out in
    January. I saw them shooting in Toronto by my house. Nice guys.
  3. red132 Guest

    Sick!!!!! This show is awsome! HAHAHA....well kinda sexist...but awsome!
  4. Johnny Guest

    Hey, welcome to comics! But I agree, it is pretty sweet. Since I live in the city my friend knows some of the guys involved. Apparently they already have the rights from Marvel, and the whole series is building to a big confrontation with Alpha Flight. Guess Marvels really trying to do something with that series. If that's true it's gonna be freakin awsome!
  5. red132 Guest

    Wow, I havn't even heard about that series in forever. HAHA, Epic would get their ass' kicked! Still cool though. Although I have to say. "Captain Epic" and "Guardian" look suspiciously alike. Surprised Marvel would ever go for that. Sick if they could pull Wolverine cameo in though. He's Canadian right?
  6. Johnny Guest

    Yeah, totally. Doubt it with the Wolverine movie coming up though. I got a soft spot for cross overs. I really like the characters on the show to, some more than others, but I think it's a good mix.
  7. Mr. Crumb Civilian

    Dec 20, 2007
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    Well....Superman is Canada's greatest hero.

    Sorry for all the American Way stuff...Superman is Canadian. The comic market was in the U.S. so Shuster went to the U.S. to sell the idea.

    But at its heart, Superman is Canadian.

    Me go bed now. *awaits the flaming*
  8. red132 Guest

    I would never call a Superhero Canadian just because his creator was born in Canada. His origin is Kansas storywize. Although if Team Epic were to have to battle superman I'd be alright with that. Quick as it would be. Love that stuff!
  9. Johnny Guest

    I'd love to see some sort of dispute between one of the American comic groups and Team Epic and Alpha Flight or something. Not sure how it would work though.
  10. red132 Guest

    Do you think this show would ever make it that big?
  11. Johnny Guest

    I'd have to wait to see the next episode in Jan. I think it has potential to be cult.
  12. Johnny Guest

    Hey, they just put up a teaser for the next episode. Thoughts?
  13. red132 Guest

    You know, that actually looked pretty bad ass. Got me excited as a fat boy in a dessert room.
  14. red132 Guest

    Second Episode is posted. It was siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiick! Way better this time!
  15. E. Nygma 2007 NL East Champions

    Jan 7, 2008
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    Canada already HAS super heroes:

    Wayne Gretzy
    Bret Hart
    Celine Dion!
  16. Johnny Guest

    haha, yeah, and how old are they...time for some newbies. Although I fear the Celine. Anybody find this episode was way darker then the first?
  17. carrrnuttt Sidekick

    May 1, 2007
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    You forgot Steve Nash.
  18. red132 Guest

    And Shania Twain. They should form their own team and fight team epic
  19. red132 Guest

    This show is better then hero's. Same action with half the build up.
  20. red132 Guest

    Sick, they are letting kids design characters. I want in on that! The hell???!
  21. Johnny Guest

    Or villians.
  22. red132 Guest

    They need to speed up the releases, I want some more live action superhero goodness
  23. What do you guys think about some of the new heroes that are being created by these kids? Any favourites? I gotta say I'm a big fan of Shadow.
  24. The third episode is out! Pretty darn cool. I'm not sure I'm sold on the 10 minute episodes but I guess we'll see.
  25. Hey, does any one know how to add an avatar on superhero hype?

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