the 89th Annual Academy Awards

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Who's the dude in the headset?

WOW..... Beatty just read the wrong MOVIE!!!
Um, what the hell just happened?
Let them do a speech, dammit.
Ideally there's another Ryan Gosling movie from 2016 that deserved Best Picture/Director.
This is why I love live TV, lol.
That was crazy as hell. They handed him the wrong envelope I guess.
OMG You can't make this up. :lmao:
Haven't seen the movie but Honest Trailers was right. SO PROGRESSIVE.
Man......I know they all hate Warren right now.
La La Land: keep dreaming

Moonlight: screw dreams!
Next time the Academy will think twice about letting geriatrics present Best Picture. :o
I can't believe they pulled a Steve Harvey at the damn Oscars. I actually thought it was a skit for a bit... :eek:
Someone at Price Waterhouse Coopers is going to get canned over this.
They pulled a Steve Harvey. :funny:

Oscars so White really paid off. :o
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