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The Amazing Lee's blog -The drunken babblings of a student film-maker

The Amazing Lee

Don't call me chicken!
Jul 30, 2003
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was wondering whether you could all give me support and feedback with my new blog.

This isn't any run of the mill blog, as this won't concern my private life at all. This blog is an insight into a group of three guys (including myself) who are going to be making 2 short films over the span of 2-3 months.

It will follow our journey from script to screen but in the process we will need feedback as well as people to view our work in progress.

Here is the link to the first blog, with it written below as well. Please feel free to read and help out along the way. Cheers


17 Jan 2008
Film tech Blog 001 - Introduction
Current mood: inspired

This is the start of an ongoing blog for CDT Productions. It will mark the journey of 2 short films from start to finish, with indepth detail into the work of 3 students trying to make the best films that they possibly can. This blog will be updated every day or every few days, depending on how much we have to tell you.

For this semester we were given the opportunity to choose the groups in which we would like to work in for our next assignment. As students and film makers, this gives us all the chance to work with the people that we think would bring out the best in all our abilities.
CDT Productions consists of:

Mat Dines
Lee Barham
Martin Jeffrey

The assignment that we have to complete is to make 2 short films. The first is a 3 minute documentary based around the subject "Elements." and the second is a drama that is loosely centred around an element of the documentary. This will also be 3 minutes in length.

At present we are still discussing ideas of what exactly to base the documentary around. But we will keep you all posted about the development of our ideas.

We only have till Tuesday to come up with 3 documentary ideas and the 3 drama ideas. We will then pitch these ideas in front of our tutors and they will choose the best idea. We think that we will have enough time to come up with 3 solid ideas for a documentary that will hopefully challenge our abilities as film makers but also help us to develop new skills and work on others.

When our tutors told us that our subject matter was to be Elements, we were also told that this was to be a broad subject matter. So we decided to look up the definition of the word Elements to see whether we could come up with any information that would help us.

The definition for the word Elements (Grammar) according to www.wikipedia.org is as follows:
any word, part of a word, or group of words that recurs in various contexts in a language with relatively constant meaning.

With this definition in mind, we can see that by bringing a combination of various aspects of one subject, we can create a broad interesting documentary about the various contexts that this subject can lead into.

We now have to go away and work hard at coming up with some very good ideas in a very short amount of time. It's not going to be easy but with three hard working minds put together, hopefully we can come up with three outstanding ideas.
The Amazing Lee, your blog needs a bit more humour. Seriously, you gotta get 'em with a joke in the first few lines or you lose your audience.
Too much lack of beer as otherwise described in the title.

Day 1, Hour 1

Maybe it's just the beer talking Marge, but you've got a butt that won't quit. They've got these big chewy pretzels argwoggkwgo...... 5 dollars? Get outta here...
Erz, you should create a blog. I wouldn't read it...but you should start one.

Blog 0117.08

knowsbleed hurt my feelings again. But this won't deter me, we will be friends.

Blog 0117.08

knowsbleed hurt my feelings again. But this won't deter me, we will be friends.

Oh, did I say blog? I meant vlog...that way I can see if you actually look like Dog Lips like everyone says.
Your blog needs some sex....SEX, SEX, SEX..oh, and some boobies:yay:
Well...it is a formal blog, rather than one to make people laugh or cry. :o
Friday, January 18, 2008
Film tech blog 002 - Our 3 ideas
Current mood: optimistic

Today at 12am all three of us met together to discuss in detail the ideas that we had for our documentaries. So far, we have found that we all work very well with each other and when it came to coming up with ideas, we just bounced off of one another.

We all had fairly solid ideas and we are all pretty determined to create a documentary that will provide a statement about society and the world that we live in.

The three ideas that we are working on at present include; a documentary about vegetarians and an insight into the way they think, Obesity and how society is slowly getting fatter and a documentary about the rise in student fees and how they can effect people's chances of coming to university.

Each of us going to work on bettering these ideas and we hope to be able to focus on a more precise point of the subject. 3 minutes is not long to try and get your point across within a documentary, so our best bet is to focus on a smaller part of these huge subjects and maybe even focusing on one person or a minority of people.

We will not go into too much detail about the development in this blog, but we will post our individual blogs about the development of our documentary ideas and also the short film that will relate back to the first film.

Mat will post a blog about the development of his idea about vegetarians, Lee will post a blog about Obesity and Martin's blog will be about student fees.

These blogs will appear over the next few days, along with any paper work that will be presented when we pitch our ideas, so that you can all get a more indepth insight to what exactly you may see from the overal short films in the up and coming weeks.

Will keep you posted on any developments as they happen.
it needs to be on something other than myspace, i would suggest duplicating it on something like blogger, at least then you can reach more people

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