Justice League The Arthur Curry/Aquaman Thread


Sep 6, 2011
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Might as well just put one up for anyone you think should be on the team.

I honestly liked Aquaman ever since I saw the Justice League arc from the DCAU where we got to see him as the regal, dignified, and utterly bad@$$ king of Atlantis who has no problem with cutting off his own hand if he has to, and since he's honestly the one character who's gone through the most changes while still being the same person (mostly), I'm curious how you guys see him.

I actually like the hook hand. A lot. I think it adds a nice kind of swash-buckeling style to his presence, and it's a nice short hand for "this guys seen some things, man, and you seriously don't want to fight him." Do you think he should have it, or some variation of it? Maybe he has a kind of combination with the magic water hand from the later series provided by his wife?

I like him as the king of Atlantis who nonetheless is also very much a surface dweller as well, and I prefer him to have a backstory that firmly establishes that he fought for and gained his throne, though I don't need Atlantis to be a giant Deus Ex Machina of a country: there should be a definite tech difference between the two worlds.

And I want to see him as the husband and family man he is sometimes portrayed as, especially if Mera gets portrayed accurately. He works pretty well as a married man, and apparently even the single-obsessed regime at the New 52 agree. Do you guys want to see Mera?

And who would you have play him? Since somebody else suggested Ryan Gosling as Batman in his thread, and since I really don't think he fits that quite as well as others think, how about him for Aquaman?
Rhys Wakefield or David Gallagher for Aquaman.

If they wanna go with an older version, I say Devon Sawa.

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