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The Batman or Batman: TAS, which villians are better?

Which villians are better. Let me think.

Joker - I would have to go with TAS all the way, the design is better the character is better, plus Mark Hamill

Penguin - TAS simply cause I don't like the fact of the Alfred and Cobblepot connection from I think season 1

Mr. Freeze - the design and character from TAS is a much better interpitation(sp?) of his character.

Riddler - don't even get me started on TB's version. John Glover's Riddler in TAS looked better and had a better personality. I will admit I really didn't care for TNBA Riddler I didn't like the redsign.

Clayface - I didn't like the orgin of Clayface in season 1 of TB, but to be far I haven't seen the new episodes with Clayface in it.

Same thing with the rest of the villians I haven't seen them yet
Mr. Freeze-TAS
Poison Ivy-TAS
Man Bat-TAS
Killer Croc-TAS

I find The Batman to be funny, I do not like what was done with any of the characters and the way they are drawn is a major reason also their personalities.
The animated series all the way; they took a mature look at these guys and gals. Because of the generally darker atmosphere of the show they could really encorporate tragedy into their backstories and make you think twice as batman kicks them in the face.

Mr. Freeze is the best example for me, TAS you felt for him, you just could see the sadness in him, especially when he's all jailed up in a special cell and looking at the little ballerina. But in TB he was shallow.

Another thing, forgetting the stories for a bit, look at the feel they gave; I loved Two-Face's enterences; the music was a large part of this, also pacing. The villains in TAS just gave off a certain powerful feel, but when I watched 2 seasons of the Batman, I felt a lack of that certain presence.

edit: blasted lack of indenting! :(
The title says it all, which shows villians are better?
In my opinion:
Joker-TAS version
Pengiun- TAS
Mr. Freeze- TAS
Catwoman-TAS version
Poison Ivy-TAS
Man Bat-TAS version
Killer Croc-TAS version
Riddler-TAS version
Poison Ivy-TAS
Killer Croc-TAS
Hugo Strange-TB
Tony Zucco-TB
Mr. Freeze-TAS
Riddler-Tie between TB and TAS
Rupert Thorne-TAS
Solomon Grundy-Tie between JL/JLU and TB
GamerSlyRatchet said:

Ugh, I didn't like Joker in Justice League. He became overly mean-spirited and violent for my tastes. (I also didn't like that episode with the bombs since it implied he was a bit of a pedophile). Even his voice became colder.

Joker in TAS managed to find just the right balance between the Joker being a goofball and him being a sociopath. You could really laugh along with him and then in the next Hamill would change the tone of his voice just so that we could get a hint of the maniac underneath.
The only enemies where I'd take their TB versons over their TAS versions are Firefly and Hugo Strange. Other than them, it's all about TAS. TB's Clayface I was well done, but they basically played a similar storyline to TAS' Two-Face just with Ethan/Clayface as Harvey's substitute.

I'll also give TB credit for using Black Mask. He was great in "The Breakout". That's one villian TAS never touched that I really wished they had.

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