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The Batman Reboot Fan art and Manips


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Sep 19, 2009
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Span your creativity and idea's on what and who, you want to see in the Bat franchise of the future with your own art!
I made a couple of Joker collages. I tried to incorporate every Joker incarnation I could find, that I could make work. Borrowed a piece of a background from someone on these boards, but can't find it now to give credit/thanks.
Hope you dig. First one is kinda big so...
This second one is hard to see kinda. lol.

Last one.
I made these a while back. I felt Bryan Cranston did such a good job in the animated version that he'd be the perfect Gordon for a live-action version as well.

That's Ryan Gosling underneath the Bat-cowl.


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Bryan Cranston: Hugo Strange in an adaptation of Monster Men.

Cranston is our Gordon lol

But that is awesome though.
While i think Cranston would be a great choice for Gordon, I think Denzel Washington would be better...
This is what the next Bat-Suit should look like. {Minus the trunks} This design was made by Bunk2 on deviantART.
The above one with the Conrad Veidt/Ledger/Nicholson/Romero montage is awesome.
We'll get a Batman Beyond movie when someone can figure out how to adapt the mouth piece.

- Jow
We'll get a Batman Beyond movie when someone can figure out how to adapt the mouth piece.

- Jow
that's a damn good point there.

I've been rewatching beyond on Netflix and as good as a movie (or series of movies, think of a second or third film adapting return of the joker in live action :wow: )would be , that costume would be hard to adapt. maybe it'd be best to not even have the mouth piece .
I'm gonna open up a Batman Beyond thread in a moment or so as to not tangent this topic.

- Jow
not exactly "reboot " related, but definitely batman related - me and my friend have been working on a youtube channel called "AttemptedMedai " (was supposed to be spelled media but my friend misspelled it ) with projects like " the riddler blogs " (a spinoff of the fan made series " the joker blogs " on youtube ) and " jack sparrow invades the dark knight " (pretty much exactly what it sounds like . lol )




here's our channel : http://www.youtube.com/user/AttemptedMedai

any feedback is welcome !

Check out more DC and Marvel characters at my fansite at the BLUE LINK below....

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