The Batwing (1989) vs The Bat (2012)


The only verdict, is vengeance.
Mar 31, 2005
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If these two vehicles went at it, which one would come out victorious?

First, we'll evaluate the Batwing. It's a jet type fighter craft, built for speed, and fire power. Not overly manuerable, going from the movie. It's made for sweeping attacks, go down to shoot, and quickly pull up. Hit and run attacks basically. It's armament's are nothing to be triffled with. Armed with 6 machine guns, and 4 rocket/missile pods, it can surely devastate any target (besides a single human being in make up :oldrazz:). If dramatization is anything to go by, it also has a very high ceiling rate, going above the majority of cloud cover.

Now we have The Bat. Built for urban enviornments, and manuerging around buildings. Which is an advantage in its own right. It can use the buildings as cover from the high flying Batwing. It can also be a disadvantage as well. Depending on where The Bat ends up, it can't oversee the sky, preparing for the Batwings next sweep. It's armaments are particularly impressive, but not on part with the Batwing. Seemingly armed with only cannons, and light machine guns.

Battlefield: Gotham (Nolan's version)
Time of day: Night with little to no clouds

The fight is on! Who will be shot down?
I fell in love with The Bat when watching TDKR. It looked glorious in IMAX.

This is what took out the batwing...nuff said lol
Yep, this is honestly a boring conversation because it's like asking who would win between an ant and a scorpion. Joker's gun took down the batwing while the bat is a military combat vehicle that can out-maneuver heat seeking missiles.

A better question would be which one we prefer that calls for personal tastes.
I was shocked at how much I loved The Bat because in pics and stuff it didn't look that impressive. But it was a beast of a vehicle on screen.

It gets my vote.
The Bat has my vote. An awesome vehicle.
I like the look of the Batwing better...but in terms of functionality The Bat is obviously the clear winner here.
The Bat because visually it looks better and its more technologically-advanced.
Batwing, but Bruce should armour it up and get the shocking accuracy fixed on it!
To be honest I never liked any designs in Nolans bat movies except for the current batsuit, so as far as look, Batwing for me wins hands down - its basically a jet fighter of the shape of a bat sign, how cool is that. But The Bat of course is more versatile and has more firepower
oh wow, my vote made it 50/50 LOL

I love TDK trilogy more than others, but Batwing was clearly a more classic one than the bat, Nolan didn't inject much "personality" to the bat honestly.

However, the best batman vehicle goes to BAT-POD with no doubt!!
Guys the question the OP is asking is who'd win in a battle? Again the joker's novelty pistol shot it out of the sky.

The Bat was dodging missiles left and right.
The Bat is awesome and way tougher and badass. Having said that...


I don't care if it makes no sense, that shot in front of the moon is classic.
Anyone else think it might have been inspired by the bat mobile from Batman Beyond?
i remember reading somewhere that the batwing was originally shot down by a tank hidden inside the jokers float...woulda been much better if that happened....
And remember, Batman had his sights on the Joker and for whatever reason he missed...:oldrazz:
After coming back from another recent showing of TDKR it has to be the bat by a mile. The Bat was so intricate to the plot and displayed so much tactical advantage to batman that the batwing just looks silly with its giant scissors.

The batwing was pretty much as excuse to show batman flying for one scene the bat dominated the whole time it was onscreen.

Yep, the bat was just a beast. The Batwing had a cool look, but that was it. It was mostly purposeless.

Although, I must say, my personal favorite superhero flying vehicle is the Owl Ship.

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